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Fire Emblem Heroes has returned with a Grand Hero Battle. Zephiel: The Liberator is back with a new Infernal difficulty.

Defeat Zephiel and you’ll gain him as an ally. It’s also worth mentioning that limited-time special quests are also in place.

Fire Emblem Heroes updated last night with new story maps. Get a look at some footage from Book II: The True Quarry below.

The newest summoning focus, the branded king, is the previously mentioned focus that includes the two different genders of Morgan and new version of Chrom. You will be able to receive orbs up to 10 times to try and get these new characters for a log-in bonus. A new story and special map (Rival Domains) have been added, Soren has been given a unit specific weapon along with other various weapons can now be refined. The Rival Domain special map specifically is interesting as you win by taking down the enemies stronghold. There is also a list of new special quests to get lower leveled heroes on your team.

Fire Emblem Heroes received a fairly big update today, which included the additions of Blessed Gardens and Rival Domains. Footage of both can be found below.

Fire Emblem Heroes received a major update today: version 2.3 adds quite a few new modes and other additions, most of which had been announced previously. Let’s go over them one by one.

Nintendo is gearing up for another event in Fire Emblem Heroes. The Branded King will feature Morgan (Lass from Afar), Morgan (Lad from Afar), and Chrom (Knight Exalt). Of course, a new story chapter is planned as well.

The Fire Emblem Heroes – The Branded King event begins on March 8 at 11 PM PT / March 9 at 2 AM ET. View a trailer below.

A new set of Special Quests are now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. The Special Quests called “Three Heroes” can score you some orbs and characters allowing you to earn the following Heroes: Cherche, Gordin, and Serra. These quests will be available until March 20th.

The official Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account had a surprise tweet about that Leif, Nanna, and Finn from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Heroes will be coming to the game next month on April 3rd in a Summoning Focus.


An interesting summoning focus has just gone live that includes all the Falchion users. This is great for the recent buff they have recieved, but I hope you don’t need a specific character because all of these heroes are red orbs. It includes: Marth, Lucina, Alm and Chrom and lasts until the 14th of March.

Fire Emblem Heroes has brought back the Grand Hero Battle featuring Arvis: Emperor of Flames. The character has returned in Special Maps, and players can take on limited-time special quests until March 11.

Beat the map on Hard difficulty to obtain a 3-star version of Arvis. The same applies for the 4-star version at Lunatic and Infernal difficulties (the latter mode also provides Hero Feathers).

Fire Emblem Heroes has kicked off its latest summoning focus. This one features 4-star and 5-star Heroes, giving players a chance to pick up characters with useful skills.

The event runs until March 17. Like past Summoning Focuses, the first time you summon, you won’t have to use an orb.

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