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Intelligent Systems

Paper Mario is far from a static series. The games have moved away from traditional RPG roots, dabbling with different genres and ideas. That experimentation even extends to the battle system, which certainly holds true with the latest entry, Paper Mario: The Origami King.

In an interview with German site PCGames, producer Kensuke Tanabe commented on the approach to battles for this new game. When asked if there was a drive to change combat up from previous titles because it might have become stale or if it’s a natural evolution, Tanabe said:

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting some new content today in the form of the Pirate’s Pride event. This event features pirate-variant heroes available for summoning as well as a new paralogue containing these heroes. Additionally, the Bound Hero Battle for Titania & Mist will be live for one day only as well as the summoning event featuring Ike, Titania, and Mist. 

The next Resplendent Hero has also been announced as Eirika: Restoration Lady and will drop on August 25 at 12 AM PT. More info on this hero variant is available in the link below. 


Fire Emblem Heroes is once again hosting a Bound Hero Battle and Summoning Event coinciding with each other for a single day. The Bound Hero Battle features Bartre and Fir,  while the 5-star Summoning Focus features Bartre: Fearless Warrior, Fir: Sword Student, and Karla: Sword Vassal. As usual, the first summon for this event will not cost any orbs. This event will only be active for one day.

New maps have also been added. In Tactics Drills, Destructive Impulses (Grandmaster, Infernal), and in Quad Assault, 36th Assault.

Lastly, the Voting Gauntlet, Swimsuit Dispute, has ended. Byleth has won. Results and details can be viewed here.

Intelligent Systems have rolled out a new update for Fire Emblem Heroes: Version 4.8.0. Here’s a brief overview of what changed:

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have put out a new 1.0.1 update for Paper Mario: The Origami King. Many issues have been addressed, and it looks like the game-breaking glitch has been fixed.

Below are the full patch notes:

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a new Summoning Focus, Tempest Trials+. In this event, Tibarn: Lord of the Air, Veronica: Brave Princess, and Eyvel: Mistress of Fiana are featured as part of a 5-star summoning focus. To celebrate, a new series of log-in bonuses has also been made available starting today. This Summoning Focus will be available until August 18.

Additionally, another Bound Hero Battle is here for one day only featuring Cherche & Virion and a summoning event featuring Cherche: Wyvern Friend, Virion: Elite Archer, and Tiki: Naga’s Voice also for one day. Be sure to try and get these heroes while they are here!

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have shared a trailer for the next event in Fire Emblem Heroes. Pirate’s Pride will feature Tibarn, Brigid, Geese, Darros and Veronica (and Xander). A new Paralogue Story is also planned.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Pirate’s Pride goes live on August 7. View a trailer for the event below.

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a Bound Hero Battle and Summoning Focus featuring variants of Elincia and Nephenee for one day only. For the duration of August 4, Elincia: Lost Princess, Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier, and Ike: Brave Mercenary will be a part of a 5-star summoning focus. Be sure to go for them while you can!

Additionally, there is a Bound Hero Battle including Elincia and Nephenee, also for one day only.

Lastly, the final part of the Voting Gauntlet, Swimsuit Dispute, is live. The finalists are Mia and Byleth. You can view details and results here.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting several events.

Firstly, round 2 of Voting Gauntlet: Swimsuit Dispute is live. This round pits Mia against Lute, and Byleth against Lorenz. More details and results can be seen here. This portion of the Gauntlet is available until August 4.

A new Hero Fest is now available. It features Sothis: Girl on the Throne, Ephraim: Dynastic Duo, Nagi: Dragon Avatar, and Bernadetta: Eternal Loner. This is a special Summoning Focus in which 5-star Heroes have a base 5% chance of being summoned. This event will be active until August 9.

Summoning Focus Weekly Revival 1 has returned. It features the Heroes Celica: Imprisoned Soul, Hardin: Dark Emperor, and Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord. Weekly Revival 1 will be available until August 9.

A new Mjolnir’s Strike is now available. The Brace Phase will last from August 3 to August 5. Shield Phase: August 5 to August 6. Counter Phase: August 6to August 7.

Many parts of Feh’s Summer Celebration are now live, you can view the overview trailer here.

Fire Emblem Heroes is bringing a summoning focus with several variants of the divine dragons Tiki and Nagi. This event will feature the variants: Tiki: Dragon Scion, Nagi: Dragon Avatar, and Tiki: Naga’s Voice. Running alongside this event will be a Bound Hero Battle with these heroes included as well. 

Also, Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine are being brought back for one day only with a summoning focus featuring Klein: Silver Nobleman, Clarine: Refined Noble, and Roy: Young Lion. Make sure to get your summons in before its gone!