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Fire Emblem Engage Micaiah

After taking off a few days for the holidays, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are again introducing characters for Fire Emblem Engage, and we now have a look at Micaiah. The official Japanese Twitter account posted the news and SatsumaFS shared translations.

Micaiah is another one of the game’s returning heroes. She’s known as the Emblem of Dawn and has mysterious powers of healing, foresight and more.

Here’s a bunch of additional information:

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.1.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are kicking off the new year with the latest update for Fire Emblem Heroes. This will be going live on January 9 in North America and January 10 in Europe.

The update features new skills for a Legendary and Mythic Hero, new weapons to refine, and more. Aside from content additions, some changes are being implemented as well.

The patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.1.0 update are as follows:

We have not one, but two new character introductions for Fire Emblem Engage today with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems showing off Sommie and Panette. Credit goes to the official Japanese Twitter account with SatsumaFS sharing translations.

Sommie we have less information on. This is merely said to be a mysterious creature named Sommie that has lived in Somniel since the olden days. If you take good care of it, something good may happen.

Fire Emblem Heroes Gods Renewed

Fire Emblem Heroes is gearing up for its next summoning event, which is known as Gods Renewed. A new Paralogue Story will be included.

The lineup of features characters include Ash: Earnest Greetings (voiced by Lily Emil Lammers, art by Yoshiro Ambe), Elm: Resolute Grouch (voiced by Landon McDonald, art by azu – taro), Panne: Welcoming Dawn (voiced by Jessica Gee-George, art by Chiko), and Askr: Renewed Gods as a duo (voiced by Dustin Rubin + Mayanna Berrin, art by Nishiki Areku). The learnable skills for Ash at five stars include Heralding Horn, Bonfire, Distant Reversal, Atk/Def Bulwark 3, and Opening Retainer. Elm has Fang of Finality, Luna, Beast N Trace 3, and C Feud 3. The lineup for Panne is Keen Rabbit Fang, Luna, Atk/Spd Clash 3, and Lull Spd/Def 3. Finally, the sills for Askr are Duality Vessel, Bonfire, Def/Res Finish 4, Atk/Res Temp 3, and Opened Domain.

Fire Emblem Engage Lapis

For the latest Fire Emblem Engage character introduction, we have a look at Lapis. This is thanks to the official Japanese Twitter account with SatsumaFS sharing translations.

Lapis, a royal soldier of Brodia and Alcryst’s retainer, is said to be friendly and kind. She has trained to hunt for survival. Although she looks meek, she is stronger than average.

Fire Emblem Engage Ike

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are kicking off the week with a Fire Emblem Engage character introduction for Ike, yet another classic hero for the game. The latest update again comes from the official Japanese Twitter account with SatsumaFS sharing translations.

Ike, who is the Emblem of Radiance, is a famous leader of a mercenary band. He also has unrivaled combat prowess. Ike is strong in offensive power and durability, and gets more powerful as he loses more health. It’s noted that he’s a good Emblem for taking the heat from enemies with his defenses and power ups at low HP.

Fire Emblem Engage Lucina

To close out the week, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are highlighting Lucina for Fire Emblem Engage – another classic hero. The series’ Japanese Twitter account shared the news and SatsumaFS provided translations.

Lucina, known as the Emblem of Awakening, is a holy princess who believes in hope and never falls to despair. The character is at her best when fighting alongside allies. She has powerful offense and defense when allies are nearby.

Intelligent Systems has announced that the next Resplendent Hero coming to Fire Emblem Heroes will be Gordin: Altean Archer. The character will be made available for Feh Pass members on January 9, 11 PM PT along with accompanying Feh Pass quests.

Look below for an overview on the upcoming Resplendent Hero:

Fire Emblem Engage Kagetsu

Another Fire Emblem Engage character introduction is here, and we now have a look at Kagetsu. This is thanks to the series’ Japanese Twitter account with SatsumaFS handling translations.

Kagetsu, a soldier at the capital of Elusia, is Ivy’s retainer. His personality is said to be bright and cheerful. Also, he gets along well with others and cares for his friends. Kagetsu has a distinct foreign accent, which could be because of his upbringing in a Deeprealm.

Fire Emblem Heroes Shez: Sharpest Blades

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed Shez: Sharpest Blades as its latest Legendary Hero. As many fans know, Shez is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

The character is voiced by Dawn M. Bennett and has art by Noy. At 5 stars, her learnable skills include Asura Blades, Glimmer, Swift Slice, Seal Spd 4, and Atk/Spd Oath 4.

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