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Inversus Deluxe

Inversus Deluxe

This week, Inversus Deluxe received its latest update. Developer Hypersect started distribution of version 1.7.4.

The full notice from the team is as follows:

Inversus Deluxe

This week, Hypersect prepared a new update for Inversus Deluxe on Switch. Version 1.6.4 is now available.

We have the full rundown on the patch from Hypersect below. Highlights include video capture support and updates to the ranking system.

Inversus Deluxe

Inversus Deluxe has already found success on Switch, but this week’s Nindies New Year Sale provided another boost. During its first day, the game actually sold over half the number of units that it sold on launch day.

Hypersect passed along the news on Twitter:


Inversus Deluxe is doing very well on Switch. Hypersect told its fans on Twitter that the Switch version has already sold more copies than the Steam version. Thing is, the Switch edition has been around for ten weeks, while the Steam release popped up over a year ago.

Here’s the tweet in question:

Hypersect also indicated that the Switch version of Inversus Deluxe is quickly catching up to the PlayStation 4 version, which is also more than a year old:


Inversus Deluxe

A new patch has gone live for Inversus Deluxe. The game’s latest version is 1.6.0.

Inversus Deluxe’s patch makes balance adjustments to how fast arcade maps unlock. A pair of bugs have also been fixed.

Here’s the official lowdown on the new update:

Inversus Deluxe

Inversus Deluxe has received a new update. Hypersect began distributing the latest patch this week, version 1.5.11.

The new update adds a bit of new content and makes a number of fixes / adjustments across the board. We have the full patch notes below.

Inversus Deluxe

Inversus Deluxe, the addictive action shooter for Switch, received an update this past week. Hypersect issued version 1.5.8.

Here’s an overview of the patch straight from Hypersect:

“This update simplifies adding users to local multiplayer games. Previously, when choosing additional users, you could pick one that was already selected by a friend and steal control from them. It was a bit confusing and has been prevented with the new update. This will make it easier for friends and family to choose their own user or choose the skip button to play as a guest!”

Hypersect also said that another update for Inversus Deluxe “is already headed out the door” and will be out soon.

Source: Switch news

Nintendo of America has uploaded a launch trailer for Inversus Deluxe for the Switch. The game is available on the eShop today. Watch the video below:

A Japanese launch trailer for Inversus Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch has been released and you can see it down below.

Among the various Switch games heading to the Switch eShop this week is Inversus Deluxe. Take a look at some footage below.

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