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IO Interactive

IO Interactive has shared details on what Hitman 3 has in store for April. Greed, the first of the Seven Sins DLC collection, is already available and includes a new escalation as well as unlockable suits and items.

The Season of Greed also includes the following free content:

IO Interactive today unveiled a new seven-part expansion series for Hitman 3 titled Seven Deadly Sins. The first portion of the DLC, “Act I: Greed,” is scheduled for March 30.

Here’s the full rundown on Seven Deadly Sins plus a trailer:

IO Interactive today unveiled the latest roadmap for Hitman 3. New events and contact are planned throughout the entire month of March.

Here’s the full rundown:

Hitman 3 will be adding new content throughout February. Players can look forward to the game’s first major update with Featured Contracts, Escalations, and gear to unlock.

Here’s the full rundown from IO Interactive:

Hitman 3 launched today, and Switch received the game in the form of the Cloud Version. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Hitman 3 – Cloud Version can be accessed for Switch via the eShop.

IO Interactive has shared the official launch trailer for Hitman 3, which releases later this week. View the video below.

Hitman 3 – Cloud Version arrives for Switch on January 20.

IO Interactive shared a new Hitman 3 developer insights video this week. Below, the developer offers up behind-the-scenes details about what fans can expect from the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy.

Hitman 3 – Cloud Version is due out for Switch on January 20.

IO Interactive has confirmed that Hitman 3 – Cloud Version will be launching on Switch alongside other platforms. That means you’ll be able to begin playing on January 20.

Like last year’s Control, Hitman 3 is played entirely through the cloud on Switch. It’s all done by streaming rather than having the game run on the hardware natively.


In a blog post today, IO Interactive detailed the six different locations players will be able to explore in Hitman 3. The overview is intended to be spoiler-free, “where we’re focused on the locations and not the story.”

Here’s the full rundown:

A few videos have popped up online with new gameplay from Hitman 3. Have a look at the footage below.