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I’ve Got To Run

I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition will have at least two indie crossovers. Kubi from Bit Boy!! Arcade as well as Armillo (from the game of the same name) are confirmed as playable characters.

4 Corner Games recently revealed on Twitter:

In other news, I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition is now finished and has been submitted to Nintendo of America.


4 Corner Games has shared a bunch of new information regarding “I’ve Got to Run!”. We have news pertaining to additional DLC, patch, the European release, and a newly revealed 3DS version. Developer 4 Corner Games has also announced a new project “MMM”.

Here’s the full rundown:

Final two DLC modes announced

  • Endless Flip has you running right to left – incredibly hard!
  • Endless Flight gives you a ton of jumps, but obstacles fly at you. Dodge the obstacles, strategize about when to touch down on the moving platforms.

Patch info:

  • Reconfirmed support for the Wii U Pro Controller
  • Totally new menu system (no supporting assets yet, they’re on the way as I make progress)
  • Autosaving (Highly requested by players – still implementing it, but it’s going to be in the patch)

European launch:

  • Still in the works
  • Will be version 1.1 at launch

I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!

  • Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux platforms first, followed by a release on Nintendo 3DS and another platform (that I can’t announce yet)
  • The Nintendo 3DS version will contain an exclusive mode, as will the unannounced version (not the same mode).

4 Corner Games is working full time on a game that is codenamed MMM

  • No further details are available.

Hello Players!

I hope you’re having fun playing I’ve Got to Run! I can tell you that as the developer, it’s awesome to watch players posting high scores and competing. The game was designed with this in mind, and it’s really exciting!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you guys know what is currently in the update that I’m developing for I’ve Got to Run! Please note, however, that the patch is not done, and could take some time to come out.

Update Notes:
BUG FIX: When a player hasn’t played a mode yet, it no longer shows “NaN” with a star. It will now read 0 with no star, as intended.
Pro Controller Support
Updated High Score Screen (still a work in progress)
Rearranged Title Screen
Ability to use buttons in the menu.


I’ve Got to Run! is confirmed for release on the North American Wii U eShop in June. It’s due out on June 5th for $1.99 / $2.19 CAD.

4 Corner Games is working on “a few exciting projects”, one of which could be announced in July or August. If another one pans out, we may hear about it even sooner.

Source: 4 Corner Games PR

4 Corner Games has shared the official trailer for I’ve Got to Run!, which is coming soon to the Wii U eShop. We’ve posted it above – note the disclaimer.

As mentioned previously, I’ve Got to Run! is on track to launch next month in North America. A final release date should be coming very, very soon.

I’ve Got to Run will be heading to Europe in Q3 for the price of USD $2 converted, plus respective VAT. 4 Corner Games will bring its indie title to Germany as well, but the launch will come after the PEGI regions. I’ve Got to Run! will not be available in Russia, New Zealand, Australia, or Japan.

As a gift to expert platform fans, I’ve Got to Run! will be receiving the challenging “Endless Expert” DLC. Players will find that the mode offers faster action – and only a single jump. Expect more information about Endless Expert and other extra modes after launch.

One last piece of news: I’ve Got to Run! will feature three different Miiverse communities – the General Community (for all), Announcement Community (for developer updates), and the High Scores community (viewable by all, can only be posted in by players). The latter community is a place where players can post screenshots of their high scores, and it features a unique “New Record!” tag that can be used when a player is proud of their new high score.

Source: 4 Corner Games PR

I’ve Got to Run! has now passed Nintendo of America’s lot check, according to developer 4 Corner Games.

The developer shared the news on Twitter in the form of the following tweet:

4 Corner also said earlier today that the game’s trailer and European launch plans should be coming on Wednesday:


4 Corner Games has confirmed I’ve Got to Run!’s first downloadable content. “Endless Expert” mode will release some time after the main game’s launch in June for $0.99, the developer confirmed on Twitter.

4 Corner shared the DLC news just a few minutes ago:


On Twitter, 4 Corner Games stated that I’ve Got to Run! is currently on track for a June release. It’s also “now likely” we’ll be seeing a European release as well.

4 Corner’s tweet is as follows:


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