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4 Corner Games

4 Corner Games has (sort of) revealed their upcoming Wii U and other platform game, Monochrono. The 2017 game will be a twin-stick shooter, where the player can manipulate time to take out the hundreds of enemies they face. The E3 trailer, which you can watch below, doesn’t actually show too much about the game, save for the screenshot seen above. It does, however, give a few teases about the game’s content.

4 Corner Games provides more details about the game in the video’s description.

Monochrono is a twin-stick shooter broken into ten second chunks, with hundreds of independently intelligent enemies on screen and a clear mission. Players can, at any point, hold down a button to slow down time in the world by a factor of three, providing the essential hook of the game: players can strategize, position themselves appropriately, and release the button to hit their enemies. Because the player them self is not slowed down by the mechanic, it provides an essential layer of strategy that the game is built around.
When players play Monochrono upon its 2017 release, they will find themselves presented with many options and gameplay modes, including a fully fleshed out story campaign, an endless survival mode, a challenge mode with a stricter mission structure that sees players attempting to clear a challenge while completing three distinctly designed challenges, a local multiplayer mode, and many more unannounced features, modes, and unlockables.
The announcement of the title is just the beginning. Fans can stay tuned to, as well as follow @4CornerGames and @Monochrono on Twitter to stay in touch about the game’s development, including frequent developer blogs, screenshots, updates, and more. Direct gameplay footage as well as more feature announcements will be coming within the upcoming weeks, and those interested in the title will not want to miss it!


4 Corner Games has shared preliminary information about a new multiplatform project called “Monochrono”.

Thus far, the indie developer has only confirmed that it’s “a time-based black and white shooter”. The game is due out sometime in late 2015 or early 2016 on Wii U and other systems.

4 Corner Games wrote on Twitter today:

4 Corner Games previously made I’ve Got to Run! for Wii U and 3DS. That title hit the eShop last year.


4 Corner Games has announced that I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! will be available next week in North America. The game is slated for November 13 with a $4.99 price point.

Europe will be receiving I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! sometime in early December.

4 Corner Games shared on Twitter a few moments ago:


I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition will have at least two indie crossovers. Kubi from Bit Boy!! Arcade as well as Armillo (from the game of the same name) are confirmed as playable characters.

4 Corner Games recently revealed on Twitter:

In other news, I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition is now finished and has been submitted to Nintendo of America.


4 Corner Games have also come out and said that the game will have six modes, more camera angles (1 optimised for the smaller 3DS screen, one closer to the Wii U game) and a few extra secrets for players to discover.


4 Corner Games has shared a bunch of new information regarding “I’ve Got to Run!”. We have news pertaining to additional DLC, patch, the European release, and a newly revealed 3DS version. Developer 4 Corner Games has also announced a new project “MMM”.

Here’s the full rundown:

Final two DLC modes announced

  • Endless Flip has you running right to left – incredibly hard!
  • Endless Flight gives you a ton of jumps, but obstacles fly at you. Dodge the obstacles, strategize about when to touch down on the moving platforms.

Patch info:

  • Reconfirmed support for the Wii U Pro Controller
  • Totally new menu system (no supporting assets yet, they’re on the way as I make progress)
  • Autosaving (Highly requested by players – still implementing it, but it’s going to be in the patch)

European launch:

  • Still in the works
  • Will be version 1.1 at launch

I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!

  • Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux platforms first, followed by a release on Nintendo 3DS and another platform (that I can’t announce yet)
  • The Nintendo 3DS version will contain an exclusive mode, as will the unannounced version (not the same mode).

4 Corner Games is working full time on a game that is codenamed MMM

  • No further details are available.

Hello Players!

I hope you’re having fun playing I’ve Got to Run! I can tell you that as the developer, it’s awesome to watch players posting high scores and competing. The game was designed with this in mind, and it’s really exciting!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you guys know what is currently in the update that I’m developing for I’ve Got to Run! Please note, however, that the patch is not done, and could take some time to come out.

Update Notes:
BUG FIX: When a player hasn’t played a mode yet, it no longer shows “NaN” with a star. It will now read 0 with no star, as intended.
Pro Controller Support
Updated High Score Screen (still a work in progress)
Rearranged Title Screen
Ability to use buttons in the menu.


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