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Julius Guldbog

Image & Form recently revealed that Switch developers only need to submit one version of their game for the entire world. Speaking with MCV, community manager Julius Guldbog further explained why this is so significant, and said Nintendo is “basically taking the Steam or App Store approach”.

Guldbog said:

“With the Wii U and 3DS, [Nintendo] started to realise that they had to get with the times. Publishing for Nintendo consoles has been, in the past, not a nightmare, but pretty close. They make sure every QA gate is good enough. It takes months, and you have to do that for every region, and if you fail, it takes even longer. You have to get a new slot, and release dates are pushed back.

But with the Switch, we only have to make one version and only have one launch – and that’s one version for the entire world, so we’ll have the same version in the US, Europe and a little bit later, Japan and China as well. That saves so much work. It means we can do the translations ourselves, we don’t have to have a new publisher for one specific region – it’s going to be so much easier. They’re basically taking the Steam or App Store approach: one version of the game for the entire world.”

SteamWorld Heist nearly had multiplayer. That’s according to Image & Form community manager Julius Guldbog, who said in a Reddit AMA that the functionality was “seriously considered”. Time was the only reason why it wasn’t included in the end.

Guldbog stated:

“We would love multiplayer and seriously considered it for Heist. In the end we ran out of time, simply.”

As another aside, the SteamWorld Heist hat packs are still planned for 3DS. Image & Form “ran into a nasty bug that will take some time to fix since DLC on 3DS didn’t work the way we thought,” though the team will “definitely compensate 3DS owners for the long wait”.