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Monster Hunter Frontier GG

Capcom has shared new details on Monster Hunter Frontier GG, the upcoming update planned for Monster Hunter Frontier G. A batch of information is posted below.

– Upgraded graphics planned, but it’s unclear if this will be applied to other versions aside from PC
– New tonfa weapons class is known as “Senryuu Kon”
– 3 different forms
– Second and third forms extend the tonfa further out behind you and lending it extra reach
– Can land multiple blows as part of its combo system
– Weapon can also block attacks easily from monsters
– This is reflected in the new logo if you look closely enough
– Reconfirmed that Felynes will be able to join you on quests and hunt

Capcom has announced a major update coming to Monster Hunter Frontier G known as “Monster Hunter Frontier GG”. The extra “G” is for “genuine” in this case.

Among Capcom’s plans for Monster Hunter Frontier G in 2014 include the introduction of the “Tonfa” weapon type. Capcom is also introducing Felyne companions, plus some sort of mysterious tower (check out the art above).

Monster Hunter Frontier GG launches in spring.

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