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Monster Strike

Miki accidentally shared Monster Hunter Strike 3DS’ first trailer today before pulling the video. Still, that hasn’t stopped it from circulating online, and you can watch the new trailer below.

Monster Strike’s new 3DS game has some serious writing talent on board. As was announced on his Twitter account, Jiro Ishii is the scenario writer.

Ishii is behind the acclaimed Wii title 428 and also wrote for the 3DS game Time Travelers. In January, he went freelance and noted that he was writing the story for the Japanese animation Under the Dog.


Yesterday, we reported that the 3DS of popular smartphone game Monster Strike would be released in Japan on December 17th. Developer mixi has now made an announcement via the game’s official website, confirming that release date.

The website also confirms that the game takes place in the same world as the upcoming anime series and that the game supports local 4-player wireless multiplayer and Streetpass functionality.

There are also several in-game goodies that you get when you buy the game at launch, including a Rainbow Medal (which allows you to catch rare monsters), several stat boosters and one item that lets you evolve on of your monsters. If you buy the retail version of the game, you also get a set of five stickers and one mascot plug (which you can plug into an earphone jack).

Check out some images from the website in the gallery below.

A Western release date for Monster Strike has not yet been confirmed.

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According to this week’s issue of Jump, Monster Strike on 3DS is releasing in Japan on December 17. Pricing is set at 4,500 yen.

The magazine also shares the following tidbits:

– Original protagonists/characters
– New monster in the 3DS game: Kagutsuchi
– Each monster will have its own cut-ins not featured in the smartphone version
– Battle screen is shown sideways
– Game balance changes
– 4 main characters
– 1 monster for each character
– Monsters are in pixelated form
– This was done so that players could more easily see the monsters
– Stereoscopic 3D is supported

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This week’s issue of Famitsu features an interview with Koki Kimura, the producer on Monster Strike for 3DS. Kimura touched on the amount of content in the game, confirmed plans for local multiplayer, and more. Our translation of Kimura’s comments are below.

On how much volume there is in the game…

When it comes to the RPG section, we are anticipation there’s as much volume as in a usual title. Of course, we are also considering creating content that you can enjoy even after finishing the storyline. By the way, we don’t have plans to implement a similar payment system to the mobile version.

On how the story progresses…

It’s still a secret. Although this game and the anime shares the same world and characters, the target audience is a little different. The anime is targeted to middle school boys, while this title is created so that younger people, even elementary school students, can enjoy the game.

On whether it uses connections such as the Internet…

We are planning to support local play in this title so that players that gather together can enjoy the game. I’d also like to use the StreetPass function of the Nintendo 3DS.

On whether systems and monsters from the mobile version appear in the game…

Although the systems and monsters in the 3DS version are created based on the mobile game, there are original elements like exploring villages, so we are planning to add things that aren’t in the mobile version. For that reason I’d want people that have played the mobile game to enjoy this title and of course kids who don’t have a smartphone, too. Please look forward to follow-up information.

This week’s issue of Famitsu has a first look at Monster Strike on 3DS. There are debut screenshots of the game as well as a few details.

Famitsu reports that the 3DS version of Monster Strike features the same story and characters as the anime adaptation. Players will be able to explore a 3D field and complete quests. It’s an RPG with a strong adventure element. Just like in the anime, the main character uses a smartphone.

Famitsu might be sharing more details about Monster Strike in its next issue. However, that information could be exclusively about the anime. We’ll see!

Monster Strike is one of the most popular mobile games in Japan right now, and an English versions has recently been released as well. Now, like Puzzle & Dragons before it, Monster Strike will be getting a 3DS version, publisher mixi announced. The game is set to be released in Japan this year. A Western release has not yet been announced.

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