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Monster Strike

A lengthy gameplay video has come in for the recently-released Japanese title Monster Strike. Watch 27 minutes of footage below.

Mixi has published yet another commercial for its 3DS game Monster Strike. You can view it below.

Monster Strike sold 438,000 copies in its first week in Japan. While the game definitely sold quite a bit, it doesn’t tell the full picture. Media Create shares more about how the game performed in its latest report.

Media Create notes that Monster Strike sold through 46.26 percent of its initial shipment. Given the game’s market scale, the sales tracker feels that this is a rather concerning result. Simple calculations of Monster Strike stock in the city (perhaps Tokyo) are estimated at around 500,000 units, so it is needed to observe the sales movement at the upcoming New Year’s holiday.

Aside from Monster Strike, we have one more tidbit about the latest Japanese sales. During the week of December 14, Wii U sold 165.52 percent compared to last week. New 3DS (including XL) was at 128.25 percent week-over-week.


Monster Strike 3DS, originally a mobile phone smash game has shipped over a million copies in Japan in only two days. The currently Japan exclusive game is a beefed-up version of the phone game with additions to both the story and gameplay as well as the removal of microtransactions. Sales numbers include both physical and digital copies of the game.


Mixi has another commercial up for its Japanese 3DS game Monster Strike. Check it out below.

Mixi has once again sent out new assets pertaining to Monster Strike on 3DS. We’ve rounded up the latest screenshots in the gallery below.

Mixi published a new Monster Strike 3DS trailer which focuses on the game’s story. We’ve posted it below.

Monster Strike 3DS is less than two weeks away from release in Japan, so Mixi is continuing to promote the game with regular asset updates. Find the latest screenshots and art below.

Mixi has once again sent out a fresh batch of screenshots and art for Monster Strike on 3DS. Find the latest images below.

Mixi has come out with another commercial for Monster Strike on 3DS. Take a look at it below.

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