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Nd Cube

GameSpot has a few more minutes of Mario Party: Star Rush footage up showing the Coinathlon mode. Watch the latest video below.

A little while ago, Nintendo stopped by Twitch’s official PAX West stream to show off Mario Party: Star Rush. We have the full recording below.

GameXplain has posted a few minutes of Mario Party: Star Rush footage from PAX West. Check it out below.

Nintendo has updated the boxart for Mario Party: Star Rush. It’s certainly much nicer-looking now, and it no longer has the same image as an old Spaghetti-O’s can.

Here’s the previous version for reference:


We also have this new piece of art:



Mario Party: Star Rush is playable at Gamescom 2016 this week. And interestingly enough, Nintendo actually brought the full game to the expo.

Word out of Gamescom is that Star Rush offers several modes. They are as follows:

– Character Museum: Look at characters you collected, amiibo option, can use them as a main hub character
– Minigames: Free-for-all, boss, bowser, coinathlon options
– Toad Scramble: various grid based boards, three worlds open in demo (grass, ocean, ghost house)
– Coinathlon: collect many coins in dedicated 60 second minigames, can use items to stop in tracks, every coin counts as space, three laps
– Balloon Bash: be quick with collecting coins on this mini board, 20 turns, minigames at end of each round
– Rhythm Recital: musical minigame using the touchscreen. Play famous Mario tunes. Each character has instrument
– Multiplayer: download and local options, guest download data can be transferred to final game

We should be seeing off-screen footage of Mario Party: Star Rush before the week is over.


A Mario Party: Star Rush fact sheet issued by Nintendo a couple of months ago listed itself as the developer. Some had hoped this was a sign that ND Cube wouldn’t be involved in the project. However, an official classification from Australia indicates that the studio is working on Star Rush after all.

ND Cube has making Mario Party games for some time now, including Mario Party 10. The team also created Mario Party: Island Tour, the last entry on 3DS.

Mario Party: Star Rush was first announced during E3 2016 in June. It’s due out in October in Europe, and November in North America.


One of the most prominent difficulties faced by the Mario Party development team was gameplay balance. That’s according to director Shuichiro Nishiya from Nd Cube and Nintendo producer Jumpei Horita.

Speaking with Nintendo Life, the Nishiya said:

Ensuring the gameplay was balanced was indeed the toughest challenge during development. The game is based first of all on the outcome of rolling dice, so depending on your luck, the game could end very quickly, or Bowser might never be able to catch up. We encountered a number of possible issues we had to resolve in order to balance fairness with fun. Through our test plays, we came up with various ways to help those lagging behind. For example, players who are out of the game can provide items to their team mates, Bowser Jr. can offer dice to Bowser when he’s falling behind, and so forth. Thanks to these additions, the outcome of the game is up for grabs right until the very end. Of course, even with all our careful adjustments, if you end up rolling nothing but “1” you still won’t have a chance of winning.

Horita also chimed in. According to him, “the outcome of the roll is 100% pure luck”, even though some have believed that the game controls it by some means.

I just want to add an extra point here. I often hear or read doubts about the fairness of the dice roll, that it might be controlled somehow by the game. I assure you that the outcome of the roll is 100% pure luck. That said, even when you’re down on your luck, you can still take advantage of the minigames to survive Bowser’s onslaught and stay in the running. There are plenty of ways to turn the situation around so I encourage you not to give up until the very end!