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Super Mario Party

New footage of Super Mario Party has emerged showing off classic board mode action on Switch. Check out 15 minutes of gameplay below.

Nintendo published a new trailer for Super Mario Party in Japanese. It gives a nice overview of the game and shows off a ton of mini games:

Nintendo has released several screenshots from Super Mario Party, which arrives on Switch next month. View the images below.

Super Mario Party

Nintendo has published a new Super Mario Party gameplay video in partnership with Yoiko. Check out the video below for a bunch of footage.

Nintendo is once again rolling the dice on a new Mario Party. With the stars aligned, the car at a stop sign, and conventions back to the mainline; it’s about time we talked about what’s new, old, and missing from the latest installment in the Mario Party series. Join in the discussion and tell us, are you looking forward to Super Mario Party or is your hype train at a stop sign?

According to an article from, Super Mario Party will only be playable with Joy-Cons, leaving out Pro Controllers and third-party accessories. This shouldn’t come as a giant surprise, given many of the minigames in the title will likely revolve around the Joy-Con’s unique features, but it’s sure to be disappointing for many who prefer traditional controls.


Earlier today, Nintendo unveiled River Survival as Super Mario Party’s newest mode. Nintendo of America just shared its own video, which we have below.

Nintendo of Europe has posted a new gameplay video for Super Mario Party that gives fans a first look at a brand new mode. River Survival will be included, and first details are in.

Here’s what we know:

Super Mario Party

Nintendo has brought along a new playable demo of Super Mario Party to Gamescom, and footage has arrived showing the game off. View an off-screen video below.

Super Mario Party

During today’s Treehouse stream at E3, Nintendo just revealed a new mode (technically two modes) for Super Mario Party. With “Online Mariothon”, you’ll be able to play mini-games online.

Here’s the full rundown:

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