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Neon Abyss

Limited Run Games, in partnership with Team17 and Veewo Games, has announced a physical version of Neon Abyss.

Pre-orders begin on August 24. For those that are interested, you’ll be able to pick up a copy here.

Neon Abyss originally released on Switch as an eShop download.


The roguelite action-platformer Neon Abyss has received a new update. Version 1.0.6 is out now on Switch.

This week’s update combines patches 1.2 and 1.3 on PC. Switch players have access to auto-save, new content, and more.

Here’s some additional information:

With a new update today, Neon Abyss is now at version 1.2. It includes a bunch of new content, features, improvements, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

It was announced yesterday that the roguelite action-platformer Neon Abyss is getting a major 1.2 update in November. Team17 and Veewo Games have now followed up with lots of additional details with the full patch notes.

Version 1.2 will include the following additions, changes, and bug fixes:

Team17 and Veewo Games have announced a new 1.2 content update for Neon Abyss, the roguelite action-platformer for Switch. It’s scheduled for a November release on Switch.

The patch will include:

Neon Abyss has been updated to version 1.0.3. Highlights include a black screen fix​, performance improvements, and more.

Below are the full patch notes: 

To celebrate today’s launch of Neon Abyss, Team17 and Veewo Games have shared a launch trailer for the roguelite action-platformer. Watch it below.

Neon Abyss is available for Switch via the eShop.

After receiving a demo on the Switch eShop earlier today, footage of the download has emerged. View a bit of gameplay in the video below.

Neon Abyss still has a couple of weeks to go until its ready for prime time. But starting today, Switch owners can try out the fast-paced roguelite early by accessing a free demo from the eShop.

Here’s an overview of Neon Abyss, along with a new demo trailer:

Team17 and Veewo Games have confirmed that roguelike action-platformer Neon Abyss will launch on the Switch eShop July 14. The title from was initially slated for 2019 after being announced last August, but was later delayed.

Check out an overview and new trailer below.