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Affordable Space Adventures’ launch is just on the horizon. We’ll be seeing the game on April 9, but KnapNok Games has shared with us another screenshot from the title to tide you over until then.

View the new image above. We also have an official description of the action below.

Not all the dangers of space come from artifacts trying to detect and destroy you. Sometimes peril comes from things far more organic, like these dark plants which will reach out to you in an attempt to wrap themselves around your ship, drag you over to their base and… And that’s pretty much it. What these plants do to you afterwards is a mystery, but certainly nothing good. So stay away from them as much as possible. Or… perhaps you have something that might scare them off?

Affordable Space Adventures will take up just over 1GB of space. Note that this is specific to Europe, but the North American download should clock in at a very similar amount.

Affordable Space Adventures launches for the Wii U eShop on April 9.


KnapNok Games has sent us another screenshot from its upcoming Wii U exclusive title Affordable Space Adventures. Check out the new image above, and view the official description below.

Solving puzzles is one of the core gameplay elements of Affordable Space Adventures. While some of them might seem easy at first (you still have to be able to control the SmallCraft alone or collaborating with friends) things will soon get more complicated as you put all of the ship’s systems to good use.

Of course all this without alerting the nearby artifacts that might try to attack you if you produce too much heat, noise or electricity.

Get your Wii U console ready! Affordable Space Adventures launches on April 9.

Affordable Space Adventures now has a price point. The game will cost $19.99 / €18.99 / £16.99, KnapNok Games has confirmed.

Regarding Affordable Space Adventure’s price, KnapNok Games CEO Dajana Dimovska said:

Setting a price has been tricky for us. There is a lot of great games on the eShop selling for around $15, but they are either ports from other platforms, or games that could be easily ported to other platforms at a later date. Affordable Space Adventures is uniquely designed specifically for the Wii U system and the GamePad, we have to earn all our revenue in the eShop.

There is such a great community surrounding the Wii U and people are super excited whenever a good game is coming to the platform; I am sure that people are willing to pay a few extra bucks to get a game that has been tailor made for the hardware.

We are pretty certain that this game will not see a price drop or a discount at least until after the summer. We totally understand that some people have a limited budget for games. If these people are willing to wait and buy the game in the fall, to save some dollars, we are cool with that. I just can’t promise anything about when or how much. The only thing I can promise is that the game will stay full price during this spring and summer.

Affordable Space Adventures launches on April 9 on the Wii U eShop.


KnapNok Games is back with yet another image from Affordable Space Adventures. Today the studio has shared an overview of how the GamePad comes into play. For KnapNok’s official description, read on below.

This picture shows the importance of the Wii U GamePad in Affordable Space Adventures.
Thanks to the touchscreen of the GamePad we’re able to create a custom-made controller for the SmallCraft players control in the game.

In this case, the ship is using the fuel engine, with the sticky landing gear on so that it can carry the box around the level and solve the puzzles in order to continue. If playing co-op, one of the players will be the Engineer, exclusively in control of all the ship’s systems via the GamePad. When the game starts, the ship is almost broken and with little functionality. But as the game progresses, all the different parts of the ship gradually repair themselves, giving the Engineer a wide range of options to help the pilot maneuver the ship. By the time all the settings are unlocked, players will most definitely feel like they are in control of a super complex spaceship!

Affordable Space Adventures is launching in just under a month. The game is due out on April 9!

KnapNok Games is back with the second entry in our Weekly Screenshot feature for Affordable Space Adventures. Following last week’s loading screen, we’re now focusing on the game’s variety of environments.

Here’s the image description from KnapNok:

Not everything in space has to be dark and gloomy. In Affordable Space Adventures players will also get to visit some truly wonderful landscapes. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that each area of the game feels clearly distinguishable from each other. The feeling of constantly exploring new areas will definitely be there throughout the entire adventure!

By the way, did you hear that Affordable Space Adventures now has a release date? The game launches on April 9!

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