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Game title: Affordable Space Adventures
Publisher: KnapNok Games
Release date: April 9th, 2015
Platform: Wii U™ / Nintendo eShop
Players: 1-3 players

Game description:
Affordable Space Adventures is a 2.5D side scrolling spaceship simulator. You are using the Wii U™ GamePad as a “Heads Down Display” – spaceship cockpit, and you have to configure all the systems in order to fly around undetected on an alien planet. You can either pilot the Small Craft TM solo, or fly as a crew of 2 to 3 players, requiring a lot of communication between the players.

– Suspenseful stealth puzzling: How do you configure and control the system so you don’t get seen, heard or otherwise detected?
– Experience thrills, spookiness and beautiful areas of the world crafted and designed by Swedish indie game developer “Nifflas”.
– Two difficulty levels going from family friendly to extremely complex.
– Play with your friends and control the ship together or take on the challenge alone.
– A game that truly utilizes the potential of the Wii U hardware.

Affordable Space Adventures is collaboration between Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren (Knytt Underground, Nightsky) and KnapNok Games (Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party). We are merging Nifflas’ passion for making atmospheric exploration and mind-bending puzzles with KnapNok Games’ dedication to work with weird new interfaces and an eye for what is happening in front of the TV.

It’s been a few months since we last highlighted a game as part of our “Weekly Screenshot” feature. But there’s long been an indie title on my mind that I thought would be a perfect fit for the idea: Affordable Space Adventures. Now that its development is coming to a close, we’ve teamed up with KnapNok Games to showcase more from Affordable Space Adventures. For the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing exclusive images from the game along with a bit of additional information. If Affordable Space Adventures isn’t already on your radar, hopefully you’ll gain some interest as we introduce new content!

The first photo we’re posting is one of the loading screens that appears between sections in Affordable Space Adventures. It reminds players about the important gameplay mechanic of scanning artifacts to see their range and type of detection before they attempt to attack the spaceship. Loading screens in the game – as well as well as the Wii U digital instructions manual – show a manual written by Uexplore, the company that in the game’s universe offers “Cheap… but functional” spaceships to travel to Spectaculon.

Here’s the official screenshot description from KnapNok:

When exploring around Spectaculon, remember to scan left and right for completely safe alien artifacts. Just don’t disturb them or you’ll be fined. Or shot at.

Another Affordable Space Adventures screenshot will be posted on the site next week!

Shacknews published a new preview for Affordable Space Adventures today after getting some hands-on time with the game at GDC. You can find information rounded up from the report – plus a few words from KnapNok co-founder Dajana Dimovska – in our summary below. Shacknews’ full article is located here.

– Take control of a broken-down spaceship
– Ship has endured heavy damage and is stranded on a dangerous planet
– Need to guide it to safety and avoid hazards along the way
– The ship will regain its functionality and slowly regenerate abilities as you play
– Player manually controls all elements of the spaceship’s functions through the GamePad touch screen
– Ex: touch the ignition to activate the ship before flying with the dual control sticks
– More elements of the combustion engine opened up, like thrust engines and stabilizers
– GDC demo lets you switch to an electric engine with its own abilities later on

“Nifflas is the core designer of the spaceship and all the engines. The idea is very inspired by spaceship games in general, but also movies like Star Trek. There was also thinking about properties or engines where we could have different environments, so we came up with this electrical and fuel engine. They’re very different, like one produces heat and one is noisier than the other. We tried to come up with systems that are very different from each other to come up with different kind of gameplay.”

– Stages are straightforward and linear
– Players search for the exit
– Puzzles are tied to the ship’s abilities
– This includes sequences that require aiming with the R button and firing off a beacon to press switches and open doors
– Other puzzles are significantly more dangerous, as hostile robots will begin to litter areas
– You can scan robots to indicate how far their lasers can reach
– Will need to sometimes fly through a robot’s line of sight, but detection is avoidable, as long as certain conditions are met
– Ex: one robot can detect heat, so you have to lower the ship’s thrusters and set the stabilizers to their lowest setting to make sure that they didn’t trigger the robot’s sensors


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