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Nightdive Studios

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition was last said to be on track for 2020, though Nightdive Studios will no longer be meeting that target. The game has been delayed and has no new window due to some obstacles encountered during development.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick said:

Strife: Veteran Edition

The first-person shooter RPG Strife: Veteran Edition is returning sooner than you might have thought. A return of the classic 1996 title, the Switch release is happening on October 25.

Here’s an overview of Strife: Veteran Edition:

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

The point-and-click adventure game Blade Runner is making a comeback on Switch with an Enhanced Edition, and Nightdive Studios just issued a new trailer showing how the cinematics have been updated. View it below.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition was last said to be on track for a 2020 launch.

Shadow Man Remastered

Acclaim’s N64 action-adventure title Shadow Man will be returning on Switch with Shadow Man Remastered. The game just received a new trailer, which you can find below.

Shadow Man Remastered arrives on Switch in 2021.

Strife: Veteran Edition

Nightdive Studios has issued a trailer for the recently-revealed Switch version of Strife: Veteran Edition, a return of the first-person RPG from 1996. Watch it below.

Strife: Veteran Edition is “coming soon” to Switch.

Strife: Veteran Edition

Nightdive Studios has a knack for bringing back classic titles. It’s now been revealed that Strife, a first-person shooter RPG from 1996, is coming to Switch. The title will be released as Strife: Veteran Edition.

Here’s an overview of Strife: Veteran Edition, along with a trailer:

Shadow Man Remastered

Nightdive Studios has prepared a first teaser trailer for Shadow Man Remastered, its redone version of the N64 action-adventure game. Watch it below.

Shadow Man Remastered launches for Switch in 2021.

Nightdive Studios announced this week that it’s bringing back the 1997 point-and-click adventure game. Later this year, it’ll be returning on Switch.

Collectors can now rest easy knowing that a physical version is in the pipeline. Limited Run Games confirmed that it has picked up the game for distribution, though no further details have been shared at the moment.


Shadow Man Remastered

During the N64 era, Acclaim released a well-regarded action-adventure game known as Shadow Man. That same game is now returning on Switch as Shadow Man Remastered, Nightdive Studios has revealed.

Shadow Man Remastered will offer improved shadow mapping, per-pixel lighting, and anti-aliasing. Nightdive also promises that cut content from the original game, and we’ll be seeing other enhancements.

Here’s some information about Shadow Man as well as a trailer:

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

The 1997 point-and-click adventure title Blade Runner is making a comeback on Switch. Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment are restoring the game for release on modern platforms, including Switch.

Known as Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, it’ll feature a “polished and premium restoration” made with Nightdive’s KEX game engine. Fans can look forward to updated character models, animations, and cutscenes There will be other additions as well such as widescreen resolution support.

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