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Nintendo Account

Nintendo shared first details about Nintendo Account (its new term for accounts) and My Nintendo (new membership service) during its financial results briefing today. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know:

– Ease of creation/use of Nintendo Accounts being emphasized
– Register with NNID, Facebook, Twitter, Google, e-mail
– Purchase software downloads on the site, see purchases, play info, and game-related messages
– Nintendo will send notices and gifts
– Ex: Animal Crossing character called Isabel may send some information or a present to those who are playing with that game, Mario Kart players may receive a notice about add-on content and we may also send a message that enables the recipient to purchase some software at an attractive price point on his or her birthday
– Games purchased can be automatically downloaded to your system
– Receive points by using and playing games or purchasing them
– This applies to both console and mobile
– Use points on digital goods (maybe DLC), original goods, and coupons
– Use your account in conjunction with the theme park, as well as theaters and stores
– Make friends with those who enjoy playing games together by establishing “Friend” relationships
– Friend relationship can be established only between two people who know each other and have consented to the relationship
– This Friend relationship can be used for software for dedicated game systems and smart device applications
– Nintendo Accounts will provide cloud storage of character and save data
– Will provide membership service benefits in other real-life facilities such as theme parks, movie theaters and retail outlets
– My Nintendo will work as a bridge between dedicated game systems and smart devices
– My Nintendo out in March

Update: Clarification time! “Nintendo Account” is the new name for accounts. “My Nintendo” is the membership service.


During its financial results briefing, Nintendo touched on its new membership service being created by DeNA. Today, Tatsumi Kimishima revealed the name as “Nintendo Account”.

This information comes from the Wall Street Journal:

Nintendo’s new membership service will be called “Nintendo Account” — it will connect hardware users, as well as PC and smart device users, Mr. Kimishima says.

Kimishima also revealed that the company has plans to use a cloud-based data service to transfer game data between mobile games and console titles.

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