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Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa participated in interviews with both 4Gamer and Famitsu. In talking with both sites, he discussed Disgaea 5 Complete and Switch development.

First, on 4Gamer, Niikawa touched on porting from PS4 to Switch. Regarding that, he said the difficulty varies depending on how each studio approaches development. It was relatively smooth for Disgaea. There was nothing NIS had to downgrade, and he noted that even in portable mode, the experience still remain same as PS4 version.

Nippon Ichi is currently bringing Disgaea 5 Complete to Switch. However, it’s likely that the company’s support for Nintendo’s new platform won’t end there.

Famitsu recently interviewed Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Shinkawa, and talked about all things Switch. At one point, Shinkawa mentioned that Switch and PS4 multiplatform development is “very much a possibility” going forward.

He said:

“As you’ve said, we are a software company that has grown together with PlayStation, and are well aware that a lot of our fans are on PlayStation platforms. So it is not as if we will stop developing games for PlayStation. Overseas, PlayStation 4 sales are incredibly strong and we will continue making games for the PlayStation 4 platform.

However, in Japan we can’t just ignore the move to portable gaming consoles. Our games are well suited for portable gaming, so when you think about it, it is important for PS4 and Nintendo Switch to balance each other out and do well. With that in mind, from here on multiplatform development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is very much a possibility.”


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