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Pentiment gameplay

Pentiment has come to Switch following its announcement yesterday, and we have gameplay. This is one of the latest releases on the platform from Xbox Game Studios.

You can find some information about the title in the following overview:

Pentiment physical

Pentiment was announced for Switch today, and it didn’t take long for a physical release to be confirmed. Limited Run Games will be handling distribution.

Only a standard version will be offered. However, this is still very notable as it’s the first time the game is receiving a physical release.


Originally released on Xbox, Pentiment is now heading to Switch. Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment revealed the port today which is actually releasing tomorrow, February 22.

Pentiment is a historical narrative-driven game in which players control Andreas Maler, “a clever illustrator caught up in a series of murders in Tassing and Kiersau Abbey over the course of twenty five years.” Learn more about it in the following overview:

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