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Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark, Rare’s classic N64 shooter, is officially 20 years old today. To celebrate the milestone, Eurogamer caught up with several of its key developers as well as then Nintendo of America producer Ken Lobb to learn more about the creation of the project. Several interesting topics were discussed in the feature, such as how Rare decided against making a sequel to GoldenEye 007, how the Perfect Dark name was chosen, using the memory Expansion Pak, and more.

We have a roundup featuring these notable points below. The full feature from Eurogamer can be found here.

The “Rare Revealed” series continues with a new video dedicated to Perfect Dark. Below, you can see some facts pertaining to the game that you might not have known otherwise. It’s worth a watch!

The latest “Rare Revealed” video has key members of the Perfect Dark development team looking back on the game. Take a look at the complete feature below.

Back in the day, Rare had plans to create a follow-up to Perfect Dark. Velvet Dark would have acted as a “sister” game to the N64 title, according to former staffer Gregg Mayles.

Mayles shared a photo of Velvet Dark’s design document on Twitter earlier today:

Mayles indicated that Velvet Dark would have been an N64 title, but there’s some debate about that. This is a very interesting piece of gaming history in any case!

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