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Project CARS

Thanks to Yogi for the tip.

Bringing Project CARS to Wii U was a bit of a challenge, based on comments made by Slightly Mad Studios’ Andy Tudor. Speaking with Eurogamer, Tudor said:

“There are significant hurdles that we’ve had to get over, and that’s kind of expected. But the fact we can have weather, time of day, a significant number of cars on screen, it’s actually really promising.”

Project CARS is launching later this year on various platforms. However, the Wii U version won’t ship until 2015.


Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco today revealed eight new Project CARS tracks. These include:

– Watkins Glen
– Road America
– California Highway of the West Coast
– Azure Coast of the French Riviera
– Road circuit of Azure, located in scenic and luxurious Southern France
– Oulton Park
– Glencairn set in the beautiful Scottish Uplands
– Mount Panorama, Bathurst located in New South Wales, Australia

Bandai Namco is also teasing “many more locations still to be revealed”.

Screenshots of today’s tracks can be found in the gallery above.

Source: Bandai Namco PR