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Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha gameplay

Gameplay is here for the new Switch version of Roots of Pacha. This week, the co-op farming and life simulation title debuted on the system.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, read the following overview:

Roots of Pacha release date

Soda Den today announced a release date for Roots of Pacha, its co-op farming and life simulation game set in the Stone Age. It will be available for Switch on November 28, 2023.

When Roots of Pacha lands on Nintendo’s console, it’ll launch at version 1.1. It’ll come with feature parity and cross-platform multiplayer with the Steam version, romance options with Voda, smoke signal gifts and letters, new cutscenes, and more alongside a number of quality-of-life improvements. Further updates are planned “for 2024 and beyond with the intent to maintain feature parity between console and PC versions.”

Roots of Pacha preview

Whenever a new farming-themed game hits the market, the big question that always seems to come up is: what does this game bring to the table that hasn’t already been done by the juggernaut that is Stardew Valley?  A lot of times the most obvious difference between games in this genre is the setting, and Roots of Pacha – an upcoming farming game/village builder from indie developer Soda Den – is setting itself apart by going all the way back in time to the Stone Age. During a recent gameplay demo at Summer Game Fest, I got to chat with Soda Den co-founder and lead developer Timo Dadony about just what their upcoming game is trying to accomplish.

Crucially, Roots of Pacha’s unique time period seems to play more of a role in how the game plays rather than merely being set dressing. The game tasks players with building up a clan of villagers at the outset of human innovation, back when very few tools even existed. From this starting point, players will “help your clan develop the ideas that shape humanity” through multiple eras of history all the way through the Iron Age. And while farming is certainly a part of that – as well as inventing the various pieces of equipment to make that happen – it also includes things like developing culture, arts, and even religion as part of a growing society.

Roots of Pacha

The cooperative RPG and life/farming simulator Roots of Pacha is in development for Switch, publisher Crytivo and developer Soda Den have announced. A release is targeted for 2021.

Here’s an overview of the game:

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