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Runbow is probably going to end up supporting a whole bunch of control inputs. On Twitter, developer 13AM Games stated that the team intends to “use every kind of controller we can get the API for.” That could even mean support for GameCube controllers!


Runbow could have ended up on any platform, but 13AM eventually settled on Wii U. Wondering how the studio settled on that decision? It all came down to the Wii U’s ability to handle a wide array of control schemes.

13AM co-founder Tom McCall told Gamasutra:

“We looked at Xbox, PlayStation, PC, all those things, and we just kind of did a tally of how many controllers we could link up. And when we got to Wii, we found out… We found out that if you tether a Wii Remote to a Wii controller four times, and then add in the Wii U tablet controller on top of it, you can get up to nine players. We’d never seen anything like that before.”

McCall also mentioned that he and other members of the team had a good relationship with Nintendo, as one of them started communicating with the company as part of his thesis project.

“There was never a giant pitch; we just kept them in the loop from day one and they’ve been very supportive the whole way. I guess we’ve been very lucky!”


Runbow details

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A few days ago, Polygon published a preview of Runbow based on a playable demo at IndieCade 2014. You can find a summary of details from the report below.

– Competitively running and platforming game
– 9 players compete against each other in fast and frenzied battles to the death
– Run mode was playable at IndieCade
– This has players sprinting from one side of the screen to the other, punching each other and hopping from platform-to-platform
– Colored gates, platforms and other obstacles are included in each level
– Green, blue, purple, orange colors
– One of those colors sweeps across the game’s background every few seconds
– When this happens, it momentarily deleting all platforms of the same color
– Runbow’s tagline “If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”
– If players lag too far behind and fall offscreen, they’ll die
– Sometimes a spiked boulder will come rolling onto the stage
– Power-ups included
– Can punch opponents at any time to momentarily stun them
– A Power Punch pick-up makes punches stronger by launching opponents into the air
– Lightning power-up shocks everyone else for an extended stun
– Another power-up makes everything happen in slow motion
– Other power-up swaps one player’s location with another
– King of the Hill-style mode and a deathmatch battle known as Arena are included
– Ties in Run mode are settled in a version of the game’s deathmatch mode
– This involves bouncing on a floor made of mushrooms while trying to avoid spike pits
– The player using the GamePad can dole out power-ups and switch the background color on the fly in the game’s Colourmaster mode
– In this mode, it’s really a means to torment up to eight friends as they fight among themselves
– 2 players share a Wii Remote-Classic Controller pairing so that the controller essentially becomes two
– Coming to Wii U first
– Nintendo has been “insanely supportive” of the game
– Out in early 2015
– Team is working on color blind options
– The game has a black and white tonal visual option that may serve as the best solution for color blind players


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Runbow trailer

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Developer 13AM Games (based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Genre Action Platform Racer
Release Date June 2015
Platforms Wii U (Nintendo eShop)
Players 1-9 local and online


Runbow is a platform racer with a unique art style and a never-before seen colour mechanic that will keep you running back for more. Up to nine players can race their way to victory, online or locally. Platforms and obstacles appear and disappear as the background colour changes, so if you can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, Runbow is fast, frantic, and a lot of fun.

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