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Sea of Stars

Original (8/30): Sea of Stars has only just come out, yet it seems to be doing quite well for itself. Reviews for the title have been favorable, and Sabotage Studio have just announced that the game has sold 100,000 copies across all platforms within one day of its release.

Sea of Stars is an indie turn-based RPG, inspired by many older JRPG classics such as Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia, and Chrono Trigger. For being a relatively small production, reaching this milestone on the first day of release is something to be celebrated, with the developers having gone online to thank fans for their support of the game.

You can check out their thank-you message below.

Just starting out in Sea of Stars? We’ve put together a small, spoiler-free guide of tips and tricks to help you get started as you explore the game.

Sea of Stars gameplay

Sabotage’s new RPG Sea of Stars just made it to Switch, and a ton of gameplay has come in. Well over an hour of footage is available.

Learn more about the title in the following overview:

[Review] Sea of Stars

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Sea of Stars review

System: Switch
Release date: August 29, 2023
Developer: Sabotage Studio
Publisher: Sabotage Studio

Another successful Kickstarter project, Sea of Stars was fully funded only seven hours after being live on the platform. Canadian-based developer Sabotage Studio mapped out several stretch goals only to see them continuously blown away. Now with the release of this retro-inspired turn-based RPG, a nostalgic wind blows for older gamers that remember the golden age of SNES and SEGA Genesis titles – RPGs that Sea of Stars pays homage to in myriad ways. As a prequel to their previous game, The Messenger, Sea of Stars expands upon Sabotage Studio’s ability to tell a story, and this time they’ve taken a bit more of a lofty approach. Going from an action platformer to a storied RPG is quite a change, after all.

Sea of Stars launch trailer

Sea of Stars isn’t here just yet, but Sabotage Studio has already prepared a launch trailer for the game. The RPG hits Switch a week from today.

Learn more about it in the following overview:

Sea of Stars physical

A physical release of Sea of Stars is in the works for Switch, iam8bit and Sabotage Studio have revealed. A release is planned for early 2024 in both North America and Europe.

Sea of Stars will be making its digital debut in just over a week. Thankfully, fans are being given an early heads up that a physical version will be made available later on.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Sea of Stars release date demo

Sea of Stars has secured a final release date. The turn-based RPG launches on August 29, 2023.

Additionally, a demo goes for Sea of Stars goes live on Switch today. The dense slice of early-game content showcases the game’s main systems and mechanics, introducing key characters and the adventure’s tone in a spoiler free, close-to-final vision look at the game featuring pirates, puzzles and exploration.

Sea of Stars Summer 2023

Original (12/23): Sabotage Studio has provided a slightly more specific release window for Sea of Stars, confirming that the RPG is on track for Summer 2023.

The game was already confirmed for next year as of a few months ago. However, this is the first time we’re hearing about it coming out during the summer.

Sea of Stars delayed

Sea of Stars has been delayed to 2023, developer Sabotage Studio has announced. The game was originally planned for this year on Switch and other platforms.

A message from Sabotage reads:

sea of stars preview

Sabotage Studio brought us The Messenger back in 2018, and was quick to launch a Kickstarter for its next project, Sea of Stars. With a team that has grown from 7 to 25 strong, the game has been in the works since 2017. We were recently invited to sit in on a playthrough of a section of the game, and to have a casual chat with the studio about their latest endeavor. As before, this new project boasts detailed pixel graphics that truly bring their world alive, but what sets Sea of Stars apart from it’s predecessor the most is not the use of more colors, but the changeover of genres into the turn-based RPG realm of gaming.

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