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Clea 2

Clea Complete Collection

Limited Run Games has revealed Clea: Complete Collection, a physical package for Switch containing Clea and Clea 2. It’s being sold via Limited Run Games’ distribution line.

Clea first appeared on Switch in October 2020. Its sequel, Clea 2, followed in March 2021. We have more information about both below.

Clea War Maiden Mode

Clea and Clea 2 were updated not too long ago on Switch, with both games adding a new War Maiden Mode.

Developer InvertMouse describes the mode as its “ultimate challenge to players who have dominated the campaign.” At the end, players can unlock the War Gear costume. The mode can be accessed in the first Clea by completing the campaign with the best ending while Clea 2 becomes available once you have conquered Clea’s Quest with a silver or higher rank.

Clea 2

A new update has been made available for Clea 2, and it’s a notable one. The game is now at version 1.4.

This week’s update adds Clea’s Quest as an unlockable bonus mode, includes improved performance, and more. Head past the break for the full patch notes.

Clea 2 gameplay video

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Clea 2

Clea 2 will release on Switch as of March 25, for $14.99 in the US eShop. We now have footage of the skill-based survival horror game in action. Check out the first 25 minutes of the game below:


Clea 2

The skill-based survival horror game Clea was made available on Switch last October. Its sequel, appropriately titled Clea 2, isn’t too far behind. Sekai Games has announced the title is planned for a March release on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s an overview of Clea 2, along with a trailer:

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