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Shinjiro Takada

Siliconera recently had the chance to interview Atlus producer Shinjiro Takada and Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The two sides spoke about topics including the game’s origins, pop idol focus, Fire Emblem characters as Mirages, and battles.

You can find these interview excerpts after the break. For the full interview, head on over to Siliconera.

Shinjiro Takada, producer of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (or Illusory Revelations#FE… or whatever you’d like to call it!), recently posted a message about the game in light of today’s Nintendo Direct reveal.

In his note, Takada apologized for the long wait in showing the project. He also talks about how it was difficult for Atlus to incorporate the Fire Emblem aspect, but the team “worked carefully with Nintendo to ensure it’d work well and deliver the feeling you get from the series.”

There’s plenty of additional information in Takada’s lengthy message. You can find it below.

Illusory Revelations ? Fire Emblem – Producer
Shinjiro Takada


It’s nice to meet all of you, or shall I say, see all of you again. This is Shinjiro Takada from ATLUS. Usually, I am responsible for working on the Devil Survivor* series, but this time, I was tasked with working on the production for the upcoming crossover title “Illusory Revelations ? Fire Emblem*”

After over two long years of keeping you waiting, we felt it was finally time to showcase this game. Did you have a look at the new PV*?

This is the result of our collaboration work on the “Fire Emblem” series. I think many people will find it quite different than they had originally expected. Originally, it was very challenging for us to get the “Fire Emblem” aspect into the game, but we worked carefully with Nintendo to ensure it’d work well and deliver the feeling you get from the series.
But, “as long as development of this title conforms with what Intelligent Systems originally would have wanted, and ATLUS develops it and triumphs through it, then ATLUS’ work is good.”

It was following that that we were able to come to our conclusion and settle on the concept for this project. As a result of this, “Illusory Revelations ? Fire Emblem” follows the basic axis of what I would say are “Realistic characters who suffer from many conflicts and worries in modern-day Japan” in this RPG. It was capturing the feeling of “Fire Emblem” that was the real challenge during the development of this concept, as this is a collaboration.

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