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SpiritSphere DX

Fabraz has announced a new content update for the Switch eShop game SpiritSphere DX. Launching November 15, version 1.1 is adding Slime-san as a playable character, a dojo stage, and new spheres.

Here’s a first look at the new content:

SpiritSphere DX makes its way to the Switch eShop on July 2. Have a look at some footage in the gameplay video below.

SpiritSphere DX

SpiritSphere DX is coming to Switch on July 2, Fabraz has announced. A listing will appear on the eShop on June 18, with discounted pre-orders going live on June 25.

SpiritSphere DX is a mix of tennis and “magical beat down”. We have further information and the launch trailer below.

Fabraz is showing one of the new features that will be included in SpiritSphere DX. The concept of Hand2Hand mode is simple: the system is held vertically, and you and a friend can compete in matches right there on the spot.

Here’s a quick look at the mode:

SpiritSphere DX will be out on Switch this spring.


Fabraz is publishing SpiritSphere DX on Switch this spring. A mix of tennis and “magical beat down”, the new DX version will ship with new content and features.

One new element being added is a vertical mode. We’ve seen this with a few Switch games in the past. If enabled, you can hold the Switch vertically and use the screen space in a different way.

Fabraz took to Twitter today and showed what the mode looks like:


This spring, Fabraz will be bringing SpiritSphere DX to the Switch eShop. Take a look at some new footage shown off at Casual Connect below.

You may know Fabraz as the developer of Slime-san. But now the company is starting to get into the publishing business, and is teaming up with Eendhoorn to bring SpiritSphere DX to Switch.

SpiritSphere DX may remind you of something like Windjammers with its mix of tennis and a “magical beat down” gameplay. You can play alone and experience the single-player campaign or with a friend in local multiplayer.

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