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Splatoon 3

February 1: A new Splatfest is starting soon for Splatoon 3, with an event planned based around the weekend. Namely, the game wants to know which day out of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is your favorite.

You’ll be able to give input when the Splatest is held on February 17. The event will conclude on February 19.


Splatoon 3 Side Order

Nintendo just issued a new round of details about the upcoming Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC. Additionally, we have a new overview trailer as well.

Here’s the latest from Nintendo:

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Splatoon 3 Splatfest guide

Splatoon 3’s next Splatfest is on the horizon, and we’ve put together a general guide aimed at beginners and casual players.

Splatoon 3 hosts two kinds of events: Splatfests and Big Runs. Generally speaking, we only get one of these events per month. This time around, the Splatfest’s theme is which weekend day is best: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Despite the theme seeming a little bit trivial, these Splatfests are no joke: they’re arguably the most competitive events the game has to offer. If you consider yourself a more casual Splatoon player, don’t let that competitiveness intimidate you! There are still ways you can contribute to a team, and today’s guide will help you make the most of the Splatfest even if you aren’t a pro player.

Splatoon 3 concert

Nintendo is back with its second concert of the week, this time for Splatoon 3. The performance was originally planned for Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo.

Deep Cut played a bunch of different songs, and fans will be happy to hear that Off the Hook from Splatoon 2 also made an appearance. The whole thing was 40 minutes long.

Here’s the full concert:

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Splatoon 3 Side Order release date

A final release date has just been announced for the Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC. Players will be able to get their hands on it starting February 22, 2024.

Side Order, a brand new single-player campaign, lets players control Agent 8 as they wake up to discover Inkopolis Square has been drained of color and its residents are missing. The goal is to fight off waves of enemies in floor after floor of challenges while climbing the Spire of Order and learning its secrets. A new feature this time around is the color chips to boost abilities.

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Splatoon 3 update 6.1.0

Another new Splatoon 3 update is set for imminent release with version 6.1.0.

Nintendo is largely focusing on multiplayer tweaks. Main weapons and special weapons have received various adjustments, though there are plenty of bug fixes as well. Players can expect the next update at the end of the current season which focuses on weapon balance adjustments and added features for the new season.

Here’s the full rundown of today’s patch:

Splatoon 3 Splatfest results - Friends vs. Family vs. Solo

We have the results for the newest Splatfest in Splatoon 3, which had Friends vs. Family vs. Solo going to battle. The theme asked players how they spend their holiday.

When Nintendo showed how things were going at halftime, Team Friends was in the lead – but barely – at 34.54 percent. Next up was Team Solo at 34.17 percent. Finally, Team Family landed at 31.29 percent.

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December 22: A new Splatfest is starting soon for Splatoon 3, with an event planned based around the holidays. The theme asks how you spend it. Do you spend time with friends, family, or by yourself?

You’ll be able to give input when the Splatest is held on January 13, 2024. However, players will be able to pick their team earlier on January 5. Note that you’ll be able to get involved at any point – even after the Splatfest begins – so choosing right away isn’t mandatory.

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Nintendo has just released a new update for Splatoon 3, bringing us to version 6.0.2.

Two main issues are being addressed here: first is that players who did not receive their proper rewards following the latest Big Run should now be able to obtain them (update 6.0.1 also tried addressing this issue, but was unfortunately unsuccesful). Second is that the Splattercolor Screen special has been adjusted to make its visual effects less intense, as many members in the community were experiencing severe discomfort from it. A few other small fixes are also included.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager

July 26: Nintendo has revealed the Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager, a brand new feature in the works for the Switch shooter.

According to the official announcement, it will “help support the creation of private tournaments using the Private Battle feature”. Nintendo intends for it to link Splatoon 3 to the SplatNet 3 service “to help players create and manage tournaments on demand.”

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