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Streets of Rogue

The rogue-lite game Streets of Rogue arrived on Switch last July. The team later made a new Character Pack, and the DLC has now finally come to Switch.

The Character Pack contains six new playable characters that feature their own abilities and Big Quests.

Here’s some additional information about the DLC and a trailer:

On Friday, the rogue-lite Streets of Rogue will be releasing on the Switch eShop. Take a look at some early footage below.

Streets of Rogue, which was announced for Switch last February, has finally been dated for the platform. tinyBuild will publish the game via the eShop on July 12.

Here’s an overview of Streets of Rogue, along with a trailer:

Streets of Rogue developer Matt Dabrowski has expressed interest in a Switch release. When asked about the chances of it happening, Dabrowski said porting it over is “a major possibility” and he’d “like to do it”.

Dabrowski told the fan:

“It’s a major possibility, I’d like to do it (Xbox and Ps4 as well) — need to look further into it, but since SOR is Unity-based, I’m not anticipating major problems on the technical end. Knock wood.”

Interestingly, Streets of Rogue is apparently published by tinyBuild. tinyBuild is already bringing Mr. Shifty to Switch, so perhaps the company would work with Dabrowski on a Switch version of this game as well.