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Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R will offer several different multiplayer options. On the game’s official website, these are fully detailed.

First, in terms of local play, up to eight controllers can be paired with Switch for an 8-player battle. Two controllers can also be paired to four Switch systems to again battle it out with eight players.

Super Bomberman R also supports online. By pairing two controllers to four Switches that are connected to the internet, you can participate in an 8-player battle here as well.


Here’s something that may come as a bit of a surprise. On the official GDC 2017 site, Super Bomberman R is shown as one of the playable games developed with the Unity engine. Rather than going with internal tools, Konami and HexaDrive decided to use third-party technology. Fortunately we know that Switch supports Unity very well.


Konami has released the opening cinematic for Super Bomberman R. It shows the frustration that Bomberman is having with his many siblings, as well as the sinister plans of the Emperor Bugler and the return of the Dastardly Bombers. Watch it below:

Konami is finally making a new Bomberman game in Super Bomberman R, slated for Switch. On Reddit, the company actually took the time to explain the meaning behind “R” in the title.

Konami said:

“R is a throw back feel for the Devs. to when games could simply have a letter and allow that letter to carry many meanings. It symbolized Returns & Reborn because this game is such a homage to SNES and SB3. But it also mean Rangers, to represent the diverse and colorful group of Bomberman characters who patrol the galaxy.”

Super Bomberman R will be out for Switch’s launch on March 3.


Update: The official Super Bomberman R website has been updated, revealing the game’s price in other regions as well – it will cost $49.99 in the US and €49.99 in Europe.

Following Super Bomberman R’s announcement for the Switch, one thing Konami initially weren’t ready to announce was the game’s price. Today, Eurogamer reports that in a note sent out to the UK press, Konami have confirmed that Super Bomberman R will cost £50 in the United Kingdom. The game’s price in other regions has not yet been officially announced.


Update: Best Buy’s page is currently having issues at the moment. Amazon’s 20% Prime discount also isn’t showing, but it should be applied on orders later. We’ll let you know when these issues are addressed.

Original: Both Amazon and Best Buy are now accepting pre-orders for Super Bomberman R. You can grab one on Amazon here, and one from Best Buy here.

After speaking with a Konami representative, Siliconera has learned that Nintendo and Konami worked together to make Super Bomberman R happen. Moreover, the site reports that Konami’s internal team is handling development, which is comprised of former Hudson staffers who contributed to past Bomberman titles as well as Hexadrive.


Bomberman is back! Legendary multiplayer series returns for Nintendo SwitchTM launch title
Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announces Super Bomberman R as a launch title exclusively for the new Nintendo SwitchTM format.
The Bomberman series has been delighting fans with its stunning multiplayer action since 1983. The premise of the game is simple: guide your chosen Bomberman around a maze-like play area using timed bombs to open walkways and take out players or CPU-controlled adversaries. Super Bomberman R retains these core elements but places them with updated visuals that offer greater detail while still remaining faithful to the series’ origins.

Super Bomberman R makes full use of the Nintendo Switch system capabilities, which enables gamers to play wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. Super Bomberman R offers a ‘Battle’ mode where up to eight players are dropped within a maze until the ‘last man standing’ is declared the winner. There is also a ‘Story’ mode where one to two players work cooperatively to clear a series of 50 stages in order to save the galaxy.

All key Bomberman elements return for the Nintendo Switch™ title, including useful items found within the destructible areas of each maze. Removing a wall will often reveal a power-up to extend the range of the explosion or endow the user’s Bomberman with a useful skill. These include faster movement, the ability to kick or throw bombs, and more. Thus, as players gain ever more devastating capabilities, they must use all their skill and ingenuity to ensure their opponents get caught in a blast while avoiding its fiery touch!

Key features in Super Bomberman R include:
3D stages with dynamic environments
Bomberman’s siblings and well-known enemies are back with rich personality
Battle mode for maximum of 8 players, local connection battles, and online battles
Enriched story with all-star voice actors

Super Bomberman R marks a fitting return for the much-loved gaming legend and will be released for Nintendo Switch™ on March 3rd.

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Video trailer:

Super Bomberman R is shown off extensively on Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch:

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