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Super Nintendo World

We’re still a few years off from Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios Hollywood, but fans can at least pick up some sought after items from the theme park. For a limited time, merchandise is being offered at the Universal Studio Store.

Some of the items include plushies, shirts, and bags. We have more photos from the official Universal Studios Twitter account and user Kevin_Castro22 below.

Universal Studios Japan, including Super Nintendo World, recently closed due to a State of Emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic. After just over a month, the theme park is open to the public once more.

As noted in the announcement, Universal Studios Japan “will operate at a reduced capacity on weekdays only until further notice.” It further states that the location “will continue to implement enhanced health and safety protocols and capacity control measures while Osaka Prefecture remains under a State of Emergency and thereafter.” Guests will be encouraged to leave at varied times to avoid congestion, restaurants now have indoor dining dividers, and all team members other than essential operational team members will continue to work from home.

Universal Studios Japan closed on April 25. It fully reopened on June 1.


Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan uses augmented reality in a big way. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge fully features the technology, allowing guests to become more immersed in the racing action.

Universal Creative’s Thierry Coup and Tom Geraghty recently discussed adding AR to Super Nintendo World and why it made sense for the theme park. Read their comments in full below. 

Super Nintendo World

After only just opening last month, Super Nintendo World will be temporarily closing. Universal Studios Japan is shutting down its entire theme park “due to the substantial business shutdown request to operate with no spectators which was issued under the state of emergency for Osaka prefecture.”

Japan will be declaring a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto. The country has been experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases as of late.

Universal Studios Japan, including Super Nintendo World, will close on April 25. It will stay that way “until the request has been lifted.”


Super Nintendo World

While Super Nintendo World recently opened in Japan, there are plans to expand the theme park to other parts of the world. One upcoming location is in California, or more specifically, Universal Studios Hollywood.

Updates this week show off the latest progress. First up is the photo above, which was snapped by Twitter user Inside Universal. Also available is a look at construction from YouTuber jsland – see the footage below starting at 7:23.

Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge

Universal Creative global executive producer Tom Geraghty has offered new insight into the creation of Super Nintendo World.

What fans may not know is that the entirety of the theme park was actually built in VR. This was primarily done for the design team, since they “could look around at a place and get sightlines and figure out where to move elements.”

Also revealed is that Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is made with an actual game engine. Geraghty suggested that it could be easily updated in the future with new characters, themes, and more.

Geraghty’s full words:

If you happen to stop by Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, you may come across a little Easter egg from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The theme park’s Mario Kart ride has a huge painting of Bowser, and Miyamoto himself signed the piece.

Tom Geraghty, senior director of technology and innovation for Universal Creative, shared the backstory of how the autograph happened during a recent press event. As relayed by GameSpot:

Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan opened today to the general public and to celebrate this occasion, a special ceremony was held. This ceremony was led by Shigeru Miyamoto and J.L. Bonnier (Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of USJ) and it featured many mascots dressed as characters from the Super Mario series. 

After a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an opening date for Super Nintendo World in Japan has finally been set. Patrons will be able to enter the park as of March 18th, and can enjoy a plethora of attractions, including Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, Yoshi’s Adventure, interactive elements, the Power-Up Band, restaurants, and more. Merchandise will also be available for purchase at the various shops.

For more information and updates on the park, check the website here.

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World’s opening in Orlando, Florida is a few years off following delays from the coronavirus pandemic. Epic Universe will house the theme park, which now isn’t expected to be ready until early 2025. That news comes directly from Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings.

According to Universal, construction has begun “immediately, but is expected to take several months before reaching full-speed as Universal re-staff for the project and reassembles it vendor and contractor teams.”

Super Nintendo World will first debut at Universal Studios Japan. Its official opening has been delayed a few times due to the current pandemic.

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