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Tak Fujii

At TGS, The Famicast got a look at Gal Metal with some off-screen footage and also spoke with developer Tak Fujii. Take a look at the video below.

The latest issue of Famitsu has announced a new rhythm game coming to Switch: Garu Metal. Combining elements of both music and adventure games, it’s described as “sci-fi, yet juveline” and features “hardcore metal” high school girls”.

Further details are sparse at the moment, but the staff involved in this are worth mentioning. The game’s scenario and supervision comes from Shuuhou Inai, who previously worked on the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series and Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai. The character design is being done by Toshinao Aoki, who has worked on some anime projects like the recent Kimi no Koe wa Todoketai and also did illustrations for some Pokemon TCG cards in the past. The game’s executive producer is the legendary Tak Fujii, who we haven’t heard a whole lot from ever since he left Konami in 2014.

The game will be on display at Tokyo Game Show this year, so expect further details then.


Konami producer Tak Fujii has left Konami. In terms of his work on Nintendo titles, he most recently helped develop Frogger 3D.

Fujii announced his departure on Twitter, writing:

Fujii may best be remembered for his presentation at Konami’s E3 2010 conference. You can catch that below if you never saw it. It’s definitely worth a watch!