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Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Famitsu published a preview for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, providing a new round of screenshots and details.

Here’s the latest on the game:

– Asbel and Lloyd wake up in the unknown world of Revalia
– Both don’t have any memories of their past aside from their names
– The two then meet Lufres, a young child from the Lufres tribe
– Lufres asks for their help to take on the Vule
– On their way to the Lufres’ village to learn more about the situation from Terun, they meet Natalia
– Natalia also awakened with no recollection of her past, but decides to travel with the group
– When they reach the village, they realize it was under a surprise attack from the Vule
– Protecting the young Lufres, was none other than Flynn Scifo
– The group manage to take care of the Vule to bring momentary safety to the village
– They don’t have any ideas as to why they’ve lost their memories, but they know about Revalia and the danger that Terun and the others are in, as Asbel and friends do everything in their power to help out
– Terun needs to accompany the group of Tales heroes to fight the Vule
– They first needed to make sure that the Lufres’ village could be safe, so they decide to take out the Vule on the nearby roads
– This is where they also happen to meet Rubia
– Leaving behind the young Terun and the others in the village, the Dream Keepers of the Lufres tribe left to a place called Melancolium in order to maintain a barrier to seal a powerful Vule
– Nahato is the most powerful of the Dream Keepers
– Nahato went after the Vule that managed to escape, but exhausted himself upon defeating it
– Nahato learns about Terun and the others failing to summon those from the Awake World, who are capable of fighting against the Vule
– Due to the failed summon, they have been spread across Revalia
– It doesn’t take long for Nahato to meet the just-awakened Yuri and Jade
– Both immediately sensed the dangers of the Vule around them
– After waking up in a completely new world and without their memories, the two immediately ended up fighting right off the bat
– While Nahato needs their help, it seems like Yuri and Jade have questions of their own before agreeing


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