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Touhou Shinsekai

Touhou New World Gensokyo Dreaming DLC

Starting today, Touhou: New World players can purchase new DLC dubbed Gensokyo Dreaming.

The DLC adds a ton of extra content. Players can access an original storyline, new stages, bosses, and eight additional playable characters from the Touhou Project universe to join existing characters Reimu and Marisa. 

Here’s some additional information:

Touhou New World update 1.1.0

A new update has landed in Touhou: New World, and version 1.1.0 brings along a brand new Bullet Hell difficulty option.

This mode naturally makes things much more difficult. Enemy barrage is increased, enemies have more HP, and more.

Outside of that, the game has implemented an improved dash plus the store features a Mystery Capsule dispenser. Some bugs have been taken care of as well.

Here’s the full rundown:

Touhou: New World launch trailer

Touhou: New World has landed on Switch worldwide, and a final launch trailer is in. The game, from developer Ankake Spa, refines the combination of fast-paced action RPG gameplay and bullet-hell combat from their previous title Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity.

Learn more about Touhou: New World in the following overview:

Touhou: New World gameplay

Over an hour of gameplay has surfaced for Touhou: New World, which came to Switch this week. We have a closer look at the hybrid of action RPG elements and bullet-hell combat.

Everything you need to know is included in the following overview:

Touhou: New World

Touhou: New World, otherwise known as Touhou Shinsekai, has now been announced for English release in the west. XSEED is officially committing to a summer release window, though a trailer that came out today specifically mentions July 13.

Touhou: New World was previously announced in February. However, that announcement was only for Japan.

Touhou Shinsekai

Original (2/5): Publisher Marvelous and developer Ankake Spa today unveiled Touhou Shinsekai, a new bullet hell action RPG for Switch. The two sides have not yet confirmed a release window.

Marvelous has simply stated that in the upcoming game, players can enjoy exhilarating action in which they avoid tons of bullets and take down enemies with flashy skills.

Here’s the first trailer:

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