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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Siliconera has obtained the first screenshots and details for the 3DS version of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. We’ve rounded up the content below.

– Turn-based combat
– One of your units goes toe-to-toe with an opponent
– 3 rounds to do as much damage as possible before the round ends
– If you’re successful and deplete your opponent’s health, they will be removed from the map
– All Transformers can have up to 7 attacks to choose from each turn
– Each attack has a meter that must be charged up before using it
– With every round that goes by, that meter will fill up by one
– Choosing the right time to use the move is essential, especially with those that require high charging level
– Otherwise you could end up using a move that would have been more effective later
– Gain two extra charging points by successfully block an enemy attack
– In the campaign, you’ll alternate between the Autobots and Decepticons
– Each Transformer has its own moveset and Super Move based on their personality
– Ex: Optimus Prime’s Vanguard is able to pull the enemy’s attention to himself in order to give other units time to heal or move to a safer location
– With each mission, you have a set amount of Energon that each unit can take to activate their Super Move
– The team looked at “most of the major games” in the strategy RPG genre on the market, especially on the 3DS, while developing the game
– They also want it to be a game that can be enjoyed by people that don’t normally play strategy RPGs
-2D sprites on the map
– In battles, you’ll see the Transformers in full 3D
– All of the Transformers have textures applied in the game


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is currently on track to launch in June. Activision recently sent out a press release about a DLC pre-order bonus at GameStop (which won’t be available on Wii U/3DS), and noted that the upcoming game is “expected” out on June 24. Let’s hope that date sticks!


This month’s issue of Game Informer offers up new details about Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. You can find them rounded up below.

– 3DS version is a grid-based tactical RPG
– Over 50 Transformers characters
– On the 3DS version: “Players will plot their next move on detailed strategic maps, and then engage in epic one-on-one 3D Battle sequences.”
– In the console version, the two worlds (Movieverse and WFCverse) are connected by an ancient relic known as The Dark Spark
– This relic acts as a portal between the two universes
– It’s capable of “Bending the fabric of the universe to (the wielder’s) will.”
– The Movieverse portion of the game will take place during and after Age of Extinction
– The WFC/FOC portion will take place before the launch of the Ark in Fall of Cybertron
– Gameplay similar to Fall of Cybertron
– Story is focused on a single character and will bounce back and forth between over 40 playable characters
– Edge of Reality is trying their best to help innovate and improve upon High Moon Studio’s last three games
– One of these new features is a Unified Leveling System where experience and unlocks are universal between Campaign and the returning Escalation mode and will feature new items, characters, weapons and upgrades
– “Power Foes” have been added to Escalation
– With Power Foes, if your team lasts long enough, boss characters will appear (Such as Fall of Cybertron Megatron)
– Hacks: modify the gameplay by adding in additional variables to Escalation such as higher enemy health, or every robot becoming a massive explosion upon death


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