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Ufouria: The Saga

Ufouria: The Saga

During a presentation today, Sunsoft revealed that it’s bringing back Ufouria: The Saga for release on Switch. It will be available in 2023.

Ufouria: The Saga didn’t actually receive a release in North America originally. It first came out in Japan in 1991, followed by Europe the following year. North America would end up receiving the title on the Virtual Console.

Two new games will be available on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console next week. They are as follows:

Ufouria: The Saga (Famicom, 514 yen)
Last Bible III (Super Famicom, 823 yen)

The games above are hitting the Japanese eShop on January 28.


Listings on Nintendo’s website confirm two new Virtual Console games for the North American Virtual Console. Ufouria: The Saga will be available for Wii U while Blaster Master is hitting 3DS. Both are due out tomorrow.

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