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Vblank Entertainment

Retro City Rampage 3DS, now known as “Retro City Rampage: DX”, has gone gold. The game has passed certification in North America and will launch sometime this month.

Today’s news comes from the official Retro City Rampage Twitter account, which sent out the following message:


Shortly after confirming a release month for Retro City Rampage on 3DS, Vblank Entertainment also shared a price point for the download. It will cost $9.99, according to the game’s official Twitter account.

Retro City Rampage will likely end up being one of the eShop’s smallest games – it weighs in at just 16MB.


Retro City Rampage will launch next month on the 3DS eShop, developer Vblank Entertainment has confirmed.

The studio shared the release month via Twitter, writing:

We don’t have an exact date yet, but it should be announced sooner rather than later.


Vblank Entertainment updated the official Retro City Rampage website with a bunch of new screenshots and details for the game’s 3DS version. Most importantly, we now know that Retro City Rampage is hitting the eShop next year for $9.99.

Other details include:

– Will include updates made to the PC version and more
– Not a quick port
– Attention given to every detail
– All missions reworked for 3DS
– Front end and UI rebuilt for two screens
– Touch features where it makes sense
– Touch screen weapon select included
– Can still use the original weapon cycle button
– Larger minimap
– Minimap shows enemy and police locations
– Can zoom and scroll the map with touch or buttons in the pause menu
– Change the radio station quickly with the touch screen as well
– The enemy lock-on works as before
– You can now also hold the L button while pressing the +Control Pad to shoot in specific directions, similar to having a right stick
– The above is optional
– Zoomed in camera
– Camera panning has been added in specific cases
– When driving in vehicles, the camera pulls forward allowing you to see well ahead
– When on certain missions, as seen in the image to the right, the camera pans towards enemies
– HUD/UI reworked to reduce clutter on the top screen
– Important displays such as health and objectives appear on the top while less important information stays on the bottom
– Weapon trucks are now scattered throughout the city
– This allows you to buy weapons without traveling all the way to one of the stores
– More will be added like world interactions and TV Mode color palettes
– Game was submitted for certification earlier this month
– Game won’t be out until next year
– $9.99


The official Retro City Rampage Twitter account has provided an update on the 3DS version of the game. It now contains a smart camera that looks ahead when necessary and shows the location of enemies on the mini-map.

Here’s the update in full straight from Twitter:


Retro City Rampage will make use of the Circle Pad Pro, Vblank Entertainment has confirmed. A photo shared on Facebook reveals the extra control option. Specific information as to how Retro City Rampage will make use of the Circle Pad Pro is not available as of now, but it’s nice to have this confirmation in any case!


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