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Vblank Entertainment

Vblank Entertainment, the developers behind Retro City Rampage, Retro City Rampage DX, and the upcoming Shakedown Hawaii, want to know what fans hope for/expect for the future of the series. If you want to potentially help steer the direction of the series, take the survey here.


We have a new trailer for Shakedown Hawaii that specifically shows the game on 3DS. Check it out below.

Polygon has published a new video containing 10 minutes of direct-feed footage from Shakedown Hawaii. Watch it below.

Last week, Vblank Entertainment’s new game Shakedown Hawaii was on display at PSX. View some off-screen footage from the playable demo below.

Earlier this week, Retro City Rampage developer Vblank Entertainment announced Shakedown Hawii. The project is already confirmed for 3DS, but that might not be the only Nintendo platform it’ll be on. Creator Brian Proviciano is leaving the door open to the possibility of an NX version.

According to Proviciano:

“I’m currently targeting 3DS, but other Nintendo platforms are possible. I’m leaving the final decision until closer to launch since I’m not sure when the NX will come out. As the game is closer to completion and more is known about the NX, I’ll be able to better make the decision.”

This is really going to come down to when Shakedown Hawii is finished, and when NX will be launching. I guess we’ll see what happens over time!

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Update: Wii U should still be on the table, but 3DS is essentially confirmed. It’s hidden in the copyright bits towards the end of the game’s trailer.

Vblank Entertainment has finally announced its next game: “Shakedown Hawaii”. The project is a follow up to Retro City Rampage, but now features 16-bit visuals.

Here’s a brief overview:

“Shakedown Hawaii brings the Vblank open world universe into the 16-bit era, powered up with destructible environments and an arsenal of supercharged weapons. Taking place some thirty years after the events of Retro City Rampage, the game follows The Player as he comes out of early retirement to rebuild his neglected corporate empire.”

Shakedown Hawaii is said to be heading to Nintendo platforms. Presumably, that should mean we’ll be seeing it on either Wii U and/or 3DS.

A trailer for Shakedown Hawaii is posted below. More information will be shared at the PlayStation Experience next weekend.


Vblank Entertainment is very pleased with the performance of Retro City Rampage on 3DS. As confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account, this version of the game is now “the best-selling-at-full-price port.” That’s despite the fact that other platforms had a 15-month head start.

The full Twitter message states:

Vblank went on to express its satisfaction with the 3DS and support from Nintendo as a whole:


Vblank Entertainment prepared a physical version of Retro City Rampage on the PlayStation 4 a few months ago. That was followed up with another announcement today of a physical version for the PlayStation Vita release. With the news, some fans wondering about the possibility of Nintendo versions getting the same treatment.

Sadly, there won’t be physical versions Retro City Rampage of either Wii or 3DS. Vblank’s Brian Proviciano explained why:

I looked into both Wii and 3DS when determining which platform(s) to do a physical version for as well. Unfortunately, the minimum print runs, cost per unit and other factors lead to me not doing them. They would’ve been super cool, but it all comes down to projected cost and estimated risk. For example, I put in the work to get approval for releasing it unrated so it could have a lower retail price. Cartridges (whether it’s 3DS or PS Vita) also cost much more than discs to produce, so that meant PS Vita still wound up being $5 more than the PS4 blu-ray version — but I take the steps I can to keep costs low.

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The new update for Retro City Rampage DX is due out next Tuesdayin North America, Vblank Entertainment has confirmed. European 3DS owners have had access to the patch as of yesterday.

Vblank wrote on Twitter today:

If you haven’t heard about what’s new with the Retro City Rampage DX update, check out this post.


In a message posted to Vblank Entertainment’s website, the studio shared full details about what’s included in the new Retro City Rampage DX update. The patch is coming to Europe today, and North America soon.

Retro City Rampage DX will not remain consistent at 60 frames per second. On New 3DX, the game runs natively. Speaking of the New 3DS, Retro City Rampage DX also makes use of the C stick.

Today’s news from Vblank isn’t entirely about Retro City Rampage. In the post, the company confirms that another 3DS title will be made, but additional information was not revealed.

You’ll find the full post from Vblank below.