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VooFoo Studios

Mantis Burn Racing

Nintendo World Report has some footage up showing Mantis Burn Racing on Switch. See the off-screen video below.

Mantis Burn Racing

VooFoo Studios has announced two new aspects pertaining to the Switch version of Mantis Burn Racing.

First, cross-platform play is supported. Switch players will be able to race against those on Xbox One and PC.

Mantis Burn Racing

VooFoo Studios will soon be putting Mantis Burn Racing on Switch via the eShop. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

VooFoo Studios announced today that Mantis Burn Racing is heading to Switch. Here’s a quick rundown of the racer:

Mantis Burn Racing is a visually stunning, action-packed top-down racing game that combines real-world ‘fun’ physics with intuitive controls in highly competitive ‘one-more-go’ style races that players of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Prove your race skills in 5 unique classes of vehicles over an extensive 11-season career with multiple challenges in fast, frenetic, bumper-to-bumper races where winning is everything!

Mantis Burn Racing features an RPG-style upgrade system, 4-player split-screen multiplayer, and online play with up to eight players. The Switch version will have all DLC, including “Battle Cars”, “Elite” class vehicles, and “Snowbound” tracks.

Mantis Burn Racing doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon. Those attending EGX in the UK this weekend can give the game a try. We’ve added in a trailer below.

Source: VooFoo Studios PR

Hi everybody, I’m back with another video review for you! This time, we’re talking about this Wii U eShop game about the lovely age old game of King’s and Queens: Chess. Check it out if you have a minute.

The recently-launched Pure Chess is causing online issues for some players. Publisher Ripstone acknowledged the problems on Twitter, while also noting that users should email them so that they can be investigated. Ripstone will be looking into the situation next week.


When Pure Chess launches on Thursday, players will be able to purchase DLC for individual chess sets and chess game packs.

Pricing for the chess sets is set at €1.19 / £0.99 / $1.65. They are as follows:

  • Halloween Chess Set
  • Easter Island Chess Set
  • Battalion Chess Set

Pure Chess will also offer game chess game packs for €1.99 / £1.59 / $2.69. These are as follows:

  • Roman Game Pack (Roman themed chess set & Roman-inspired environment)
  • Park Game Pack (Park animals themed chess set & leafy park environment)
  • Forest Game Pack (Isle of Lewis chess set & calm forest environment)


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