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Update Just received a PR email from Activision confirming the October 28 release date.

The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins could be launching in North America next week. Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and GameFly are all listing an October 28 release date. Activision has yet to officially confirm a final date, strangely enough!

You’ll find the first screenshots from The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins in the gallery above.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

A listing on Amazon provides a few more details about Activision’s 3DS game based on The Legend of Korra TV series. This version of the game is fully titled “The Legend of Korra A New Era Begins”.

The Legend of Korra A New Era Begins features an original storyline penned by the show’s creators much like the console game. Players will be able to change bending styles at any time, and in doing so, can execute combos. It will also be possible to enter the Avatar state.

Finally, Amazon has a tiny tidbit about The Legend of Korra A New Era Begins’ storyline. Korra and the rest of the gang will need “to stop an ancient evil that has emerged from the portal and threatens the balance of both worlds”.

A video game based on The Legend of Korra TV show is in the works, Activision has revealed.

The console release is being handled by PlatinumGames, though this version will not be available on Nintendo platforms (read about it here). Instead, Activision and developer Webfoot Technologies are creating a separate title for 3DS.

On Nintendo’s portable, The Legend of Korra is a turn-based strategy title that puts the “focus on tactically maneuvering Korra and her allies on the battlefield.”

The Legend of Korra video game launches this year.