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Wii Street U

Wii Street U will soon be discontinued. On March 31, service for the app will no longer be offered.

Nintendo shared the news on its European Twitter pages today:

And here’s the full statement about Wii Street U’s discontinuation:

A small update has arrived for Wii Street U. The patch “improves security for more enjoyable gameplay” and “fixes a number of issues to enhance the user’s experience and enjoyment”. Nothing too major, but it’s an update nonetheless!


Wii Street U’s update is now live in Europe. Nintendo shared the news on Twitter, writing:


As a side note, it seems this update is only available in Japan at the moment. I assume the update will be available overseas soon enough though.

A small update is now available for Wii Street U. One of the more notable additions is the ability to create routes and post them to Miiverse,

You can find photos of the update here.


Wii Street U’s free download period is about to come to an end. Those who have already downloaded the app will be able to keep it at no extra cost, but new Wii U owners will be forced to fork over 500 yen starting on November 1.

The same will also apply to overseas markets. Nintendo hasn’t announced a price yet, but it should end up at around $5 or so.

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