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Yakuza Switch

Despite some fans hoping it would happen, the Yakuza series has stayed off Switch. That doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, with executive producer and Ryu Ga Gotoku studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama now weighing in.

Yokoyama spoke with GameSpot about the situation, explaining that the two are a mismatch. He feels Switch is considered to be more family-friendly in contrast to the underground attitude of the Yakuza series.

Last year, Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato was asked about the possibility of having the franchise appear on Switch. Sato didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the possibility at the time. Unfortunately, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi has issued a similar sentiment, telling IGN Japan that ports haven’t been considered for now.

You also probably won’t be seeing Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nagoshi joked around and said that director Masahiro Sakurai perhaps would not want them.

Sonic is one SEGA character you can play as in Smash Bros. SEGA also owns Atlus, and Joker from Persona 5 will soon be added to the roster as DLC as well.

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The Yakuza franchise has never really found a home on Nintendo consoles. Aside from Yakuza 1 & 2 on Wii U a few years ago, the series hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo platform.

Recently, French site Gameblog spoke with Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato. Sato was asked about the possibility of the series appearing on a system like Switch (and Xbox One). Unfortunately, the idea was mostly shot down with Sato pointing out the poor performance of Yakuza 1 & 2 on Wii U and stating that the system “may not be the ideal platform.”

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