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Yasunari Nishida

Two seperate interviews from 1996 with Shigeru Miyamoto and other Nintendo employees who worked on Super Mario 64 together were recently translated and published on the website Shmuplations for any interested party to read.

The interviews come from a time where Super Mario 64 had just been released and was making waves in the gaming world. The questions cover a variety of topics about Super Mario 64, focusing mostly on the creative process of designing a game in 3D compared to 2D and the early history of the game.

On the origins of Super Mario 64 and how the project got started, Miyamoto had this to say:

Well, in the beginning… we were working on something really simple—deceptively simple, even, from the perspective of the team that would go on to finish the huge, final game. (laughs) There was a room made of simple lego-like blocks, and Mario and Luigi could run around in there, climb slopes, jump around, etc. We were trying to get the controls right with an analogue 3D stick, and once that felt smooth, we knew we were halfway there. And so, along the way, we realized wanted to create a slightly larger area for them to move around in…

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