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Yoshi’s New Island

NintendoWorldReport has another round of details for Yoshi’s New Island. You can find them below.

– Move with the Circle Pad/D-pad
– Jump with “A”
– Shoot your egg weapons with “R”
– First level gives you a crash course on the game’s mechanics
– Yoshi’s transformations are all about using the gyroscope in wacky ways to get yourself through special sections of the course
– First transformation segments feature the mine cart
– Tilt the 3DS light/right slightly and the Yoshi-cart will roll along the rails
– Drill sees you using the same subtle movement and mashing the A-button to break blocks in quick succession
– Helicopter power requires a lot of precision
– Eggdozers: gigantic eggs that have special abilities to help you in times of need
– Mega Eggdozer can destroy concrete walls and objects that you can’t normally get past
– Destroying objects in its path will also earn you additional 1-UPs
– The Metal Eggdozer allows you to sink below the surface of water to grab goodies from the depths
– As you explore the bottom of the water segments, your jumps become more buoyant so that you can reach new places
– Yoshi can collect a Star to become invincible
– Can walk up walls and across ceilings much like Baby Mario could way back on the SNES
– Levels are straightforward
– Branching paths with hidden goodies
– Level 4-1 is “Hop ‘n’ Pop Till You Drop”
– In this level, you have to hop on bubbles and balloons to get across large pitfall sections
– World 5’s opening stage is “Brave the Bumpty Blizzard”
– Bounce to high places in this level
– First boss: try to beat Kamek by throwing eggs at buckets
– Buckets will fall down and drop on Kamek’s head, which will weaken him
– Second boss: Kamek transforms a bean into a killer beanstalk and you have to throw eggs at the top to stop it in its tracks
– Collect the Smiley Flowers for secret rewards
– If you are struggling with the game and die enough times, you will be rewarded with the Flutter Wings, which allow you to soar through the sky with an endless flutter jump
– Can still die while using them


Nintendo recently confirmed mini-games for Yoshi’s New Island at a press event held in in San Francisco. We’ve rounded up details from Polygon’s report below.

– Competitive and co-op multiplayer
– Pair up for multiplayer matches with friends
– Flutter Finish and Eggy Pop among the multiplayer modes
– Eggy Pop: egg as many balloons as possible to rack up points within a given time
– This is intended to be cooperative
– Eggs spew from a central flower one at a time
– Flutter Finish: endurance-based racing mini-game
– Use Yoshi’s hover and hold abilities to grunt across a coin-filled sky
– Dropping off-screen and out-of-sight is inevitable, but the player with the highest score wins
– This is a combination of coins gained and distance traveled
– 6 multiplayer mini-games included
– 4 haven’t been revealed
– Share mini-games through Download Play


Nintendo has opened a North American teaser site for Yoshi’s New Island. You can find it here. There’s no content to speak of yet, but it should be updated before the game launches next month.

Thanks to Tytygh for the tip.

Yoshi’s New Island may be getting a 3DS XL bundle, if a listing found on one online store is to be believed.

Retailer Base has a page up for a “Yoshi Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundle”. The product is apparently due out on March 14 – the game’s release date.

We’ll consider this a rumor for the time being, in large part because the listing includes a fan-made boxart. Nintendo has not officially confirmed a bundle for Yoshi’s New Island at this time.

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It’s been a busy day for Yoshi’s New Island news between the game’s new trailer and press previews. NintendoWorldReport is the latest outlet to share a write-up, and we’ve rounded up details from the article below.

– Game takes place immediately after the original Yoshi’s Island
– Starts out by showing a recap of the first game, the final screen, where the baby heroes are held high is shown
– Then scrolls down to show the proud new parents
– “These aren’t our babies!” they exclaim
– Stork screwed up
– Mario ends up on Floating Egg Island
– This is the second home for the Yoshis
– Bowser wants to turn the island into a resort
– Little Eggs, Bigg Eggs, Chomp Rock ‘n’ Roll are among the game’s stages
– These are easy tutorial levels
– Little Eggs introduces the egg making and throwing mechanics and the giant egg
– With the giant egg, the more destruction you cause, the more extra lives you earn
– Can create a giant egg by eating a giant Shy Guy
– To do this, you have to rapidly press the tongue button like reeling in a fish
– Two button configurations
– World 1-6: Bouncy Beanstalk Walk
– This stage has beanstalks that grow to reach new places, includes leaves that will hold your weight for only so long
– 2-7: Hidey-Hole Hooligans has the Wall Lakitus who destroy bits of the levels as they target your head
– 4-1: Hop ‘n’ Pop Till You Drop has lots of aerial platforming and floating balloons to traverse
– The level is full of bubbles, many of which contain enemies or bombs
– The bonus ring mechanic has changed, making unlocking each world’s bonus level a different experience
– For each flower you collect in a stage, you’ll get one chance at receiving a medal from the end goal
– Once you obtain 30, the bonus level unlocks
– No StreetPass support
– Can send gameplay data to Nintendo


More Yoshi’s New Island details have emerged from IGN’s recent preview. Continue on below for a roundup of the site’s information.

– Stork accidentally delivered Baby Mario and Luigi to the wrong house before it lost them over Egg Island
– The villainous Magikoopa named Kamek has rushed away with Baby Luigi in tow.
– Areas include playful hills, a jungle area, and a mountain area
– Small floating pair of binoculars lets you scan around a stage using the accelerometer
– Different control options
– Two different configurations for jumping and moving
– These options specifically altered placement of the lock-on button
– Choose between Hasty, Patient, and Gyrosensor controls to customize how lobbing Yoshi eggs worked
– Hasty: follows the same rules as the original; holding the R button kept the targeting cursor moving, let go to fire
– Patient: requires two taps to fire an egg – one to start up the aiming cursor and another to throw
– Gyro: tilt a 3DS to line up shots
– Find 20 red coins, 5 flowers, 30 stars to reach 100% in each level
– Vehicle portions have you navigating with the 3DS gyro sensor
– Go through an area dressed up as a Yoshi Kart and speed through a later space as a helicopter


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