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Yusuke Miyata

Bayonetta 3 development

The developers of Bayonetta 3 have opened up about the making of the game, and have discussed why the project took so long to wrap up.

PlatinumGames supervising director Hideki Kamiya, producer Yuji Nakao, director Yusuke Miyata, and Nintendo producer Makoto Okazaki spoke about this in a recent issue of Famitsu. The two indicated that things didn’t exactly go according to plan, but this was more due to the amount of content the team wanted to add. Nakao said it was never about being stuck.

Below is our translation of the interview excerpt:

bayonetta 3 voice actress

Hellena Taylor is not the voice actress for Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3 and the role has shifted to Jennifer Hale, according to PlatinumGames.

Director Yusuke Miyata shared that tidbit in an interview with Game Informer. Speaking with the magazine, he explained that the change came about due to “overlapping circumstances”. However, Miyata did say that “Jennifer’s performance was way beyond what we could have imagined.”

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