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Last week, First 4 Figures unveiled a new statue of Link on The King of Red Lions. A few videos have since been posted on the company’s YouTube page, which show it off in greater details. We’ve posted them all below.

Several notable characters were represented in the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics this past weekend as the transition was made to the next event Japan will be hosting in 2020. Mario and Pac-Man were just two of many that appeared in a pre-made video. There was, however, one huge Japan-made IP that was conspicuously absent: Pokemon.

As Buzzfeed Japan reports, the site heard from a Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Committee member that preparations started in January, well before Pokemon GO launched and became a huge success. The timing was just not considered right as Pokemon isn’t as well known worldwide, and the Mario franchise has also sold more games – 320 million compared to Pokemon’s 200 million.

Nikkan Sports has an article up about how the obvious pun of “Mario” and “Rio” from “Rio de Janeiro” was too much for the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee to pass up. We can thank committee president and former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori for the idea.

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[a]listdaily has gone live with a new interview featuring Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime. Naturally, NX came up multiple times throughout the discussion, with Reggie saying how the company has “a strong concept” and talking about lessons learned from Wii U that can be applied to NX. Mobile, merchandise, and the Universal partnership were other topics that were discussed.

Continue on below for notable excerpts from the interview. You can read the full thing here.

Nintendo has released a new episode of their Play Nintendo series. The subject of this episode is Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, with the hosts sharing some tips for newcomers to the game. You can find the video below.

The latest European episode of The Cat Mario Show has gone live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. You can watch it below.

Retailers are now starting to take pre-orders for the new Meta Knight Nendoroid. You can reserve it on Play-Asia here or Good Smile here.

On Play-Asia, there’s a pre-order deadline of September 18. You’ll need to reserve it by July 21 on Good Smile.

From the popular ‘Kirby’ game series comes a Nendoroid of Meta Knight! Just like the previously released Nendoroid Kirby, Meta Knight makes use of magnets for posing, making his movements smooth and easy to place in all sorts of different positions!

He also comes with a selection of optional parts including his sword together with large effect parts to display him slashing with the sword. You can also display him wearing his cape as well as transformed into his flying version with interchangeable wing parts! He even comes with parts that allow you to change the direction he is looking allowing for all sorts of awesome Meta Knight poses!

The Meta Knight Nendoroid will ship in March.

Nintendo announced today that it will acquire 70 percent of JESNET, a distributor in Japan. JESNET will now become a subsidiary as well.

Nintendo will be paying $47 million for the transaction. The plan is for JESNET to become a subsidiary in April.

The move will also see JESNET working together with AJIOKA, which is in the video game wholesale business.

It’s worth noting that JESNET has been distributing physical Nintendo products in Japan for many years. The company was founded in 1952 and has 80 employees.

Today’s full announcement can be read here.


Just like Lucina, the Palutena amiibo seems to be getting a reprint. Earlier this week, the figure’s official Children’s Product Certificate was updated. A new run of manufacturing was added in for this month (August).

You may want to look out for Palutena coming soon to store shelves once again. There’s no sort of exact date for her return, but the certificate suggests it’ll be sooner rather than later.


Update 3 (8/24): Zelda: Art & Artifacts is now $16 off on Amazon and $13 off on Amazon Canada.

Update 2 (8/23): Now up for pre-order on Amazon Germany.

Update: A few preview pages have come in. It’s safe to say that this is indeed the English version of Hyrule Graphics.

Original (8/22): Nintendo is teaming up with Dark Horse Books for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts. It’s slated for February 21, 2017.

Based on the official description, it sounds a lot like the Hyrule Graphics book Japan is getting in about a week. It contains more than 400 pages of illustrations from the entire series, including Breath of the Wild.

According to the Amazon description:

Wild! Every masterwork is printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format so you can immerse yourself in the fine details of each piece. This book includes rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and much, much more! The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts collects many of your favorite masterpieces from the storied franchise, as well as rare and never before seen content, presented in one handsome hardcover.

Select artwork from the entirety of the franchise!

A nostalgic look at the past!

An exciting look at the future!

Interviews with some of the artists behind The Legend of Zelda series!

You can pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts on Amazon here and Amazon Canada here.

Nikkei reports that, in conjunction with East Japan Marketing & Communications, Capcom will be making a game for Nintendo’s handheld in Japan “that draw on players’ train ridership and other data captured from transit smart cards.”

A system is already in place which uses “Sony’s FeliCa contactless smart card technology to read transit card data into the 3DS.” East Japan Railway’s Suica and West Japan Railway’s Icoca are among ten smartcard systems that are compatible. Ridership data such as station entries is mainly used, though personal information is not stored.

Nikkei further reports that “Capcom aims to use transit data to enhance gamers’ experience, for example by rewarding players visiting certain stations with special items.” One social game is already on the way that features over 9,000 stations in Japan.


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