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Star Fox 2 is one of the games featured in the Super NES Classic Edition. However, it’ll take a tiny bit of work to unlock it. After you complete the first level in the original Star Fox, the sequel will be made available.

Here’s a look at the unlock process from GameXplain:

Missed any of the action from Nintendo’s Gamescom stream earlier today? If you’re interested in watching the full thing in its entirety, you can do so with the video below.

The latest episode of Nintendo’s Japanese show Nyannyan Neko Mario Time has now gone live. We’ve included it below.

The Super NES Classic Edition is starting to be handed out to members of the European media. Get a look at an unboxing video below.

The Super NES Classic Edition will be sold in the typical areas where Nintendo products are available. However, it looks like fans in Quebec, Canada’s French language province, will not have an opportunity to buy one.

Motherboard spoke with two EB Games employees in the Montreal area who shared the information. The site writes the following in its aritcle:

Update 7: Sold out at ThinkGeek. Live on GameStop’s website, but you may have trouble getting it to load…

Update 6: Bundles are live on ThinkGeek.

Update 5: Sold out at Best Buy Canada. We’re also hearing that the Super NES Classic Edition is showing up on the GameStop app with bundles.

Update 4: GameStop may be taking pre-orders here. Website is getting hammered at the moment. Pre-orders are live in-store, however.

Update 3: And gone on Target…

Update 2: Live on Target

Update: May already be gone on Walmart. It’s up on Best Buy Canada now.

Original: For our US readers, the Super NES Classic Edition is now up for pre-order. Walmart has started taking reservations here. Good luck in securing your unit!

GameXplain has put together a video comparing the emulation of the Super NES Classic Edition and Virtual Console on Wii U. Check it out below.

Star Fox 2 is a monumental release for Nintendo. It took years upon years for it to be officially released, which the Super NES Classic Edition is finally offering.

Speaking with USgamer, Nintendo confirmed that the original master will be in Star Fox 2. Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, who worked on the original project, also had this to say:

“StarFox 2 was fully localized as far as I’m aware and went through the full QA process. It was one of the rare occasions where even though the game wasn’t going to be released Nintendo decided to spend the final few months properly finishing it off–I suppose because it was canceled so close to the end and after all the announcements, they wanted something to show for their efforts. It showed pretty good foresight I think, and I’m sure the [SNES Classic] will earn back its development cost and then some!

As for the English translations– because it was canceled so close to the end we had already received all the English as far as I’m aware (although there might have been a few modifications and additions during QA as there tends to be). It would have been translated internally at NOA so the turnaround would have been very quick.”

The Super NES Classic Edition website has updated with some pre-order news for North America. In total, six retailers will be accepting reservations. These include Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart.

Both Best Buy and Amazon took pre-orders earlier today… at some ridiculous times, especially for those on the East Coast like myself. We did not report on those, and I’m terribly sorry for that. Nick was having some issues on his end, and Matt isn’t really familiar with the pre-order situation as our European correspondent – not to mention the tons of Gamescom news that dropped earlier today keeping him busy. We were also expecting Nintendo to provide specifics about the pre-order situation, but that didn’t happen, and as much as I’d like to be, I can’t be watching over things the full 24 hours each day – or I’d probably die.

With all of that said, we’ll be keeping track of pre-orders as best we can. GameStop pre-orders may actually begin later today. Employees are being told to expect a “special announcement that will require immediate attention”, so stay tuned.

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Much like what Nintendo does with E3, a My Nintendo mission has been added for European users in celebration of Gamescom. You can nab 20 Platinum Points rather easily.

If you head on over here, you only need to find Cappy. Do that and the points will be yours.

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