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Chronova Games is working on “Mega Maze”, an upcoming indie title on the way to the Wii U eShop. You’ll move through 60 levels in a first-person view in an attempt to navigate your way out of each one. Keys and doors, multiple floors, holes, and teleporters look to mix up the gameplay.

Mega Maze will also allow players to create their own levels and share them online with others. Online leaderboards are in as well to compare completion times.

Watch a trailer for Mega Maze below.

Wii U eShop charts (8/26/16)

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This week’s Wii U eShop charts are as follows:


1. Super Mario Bros.
2. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
3. Super Mario RPG
4. Minecraft: Wii U Editoin
5. Super Mario 64
6. Super Mario Galaxy
7. Super Mario 3D World
8. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
9. Super Mario World
10. Super Mario Bros. 3
11. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link
12. Super Mario Maker
13. Mario Party 10
14. Paper Mario
15. Wave Race 64
16. Zelda: A Link to the Past
17. Mario Sports Mix
18. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
19. Pokken Tournament
20. Super Mario 64 DS


1. Pokken Tournament TV Spot
2. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Heroes Showdown Trailer
3. Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition
4. Play Nintendo Introduction Video
5. Mario Sports Mix Trailer
6. Zelda: Breath of the Wild E3 2016 Trailer
7. Great Games to Buy with eShop Cards
8. Tadpole Treble Trailer
9. New Super Mario Bros. U Video
10. Super Play Time – Splatoon – Get Kraken with Pro Tips
11. Terraria Trailer
12. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – Smash the Competition Trailer
13. Pokemon Rumble U Gameplay Trailer
14. Super Mario 3D World Trailer
15. Super Mario RPG Trailer
16. New Super Luigi U Trailer 6/11/13
17. Super Mario Maker Key Update Video
18. Poncho Trailer
19. Jotun: Valhalla Edition E3 2016 Trailer
20. Super Smash Bros. – Final Video Presentation

Source: Wii U eShop

Several new games out came out this week on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. If you’re interested in checking out what’s new in screenshot form, take a peak at the gallery below.

There’s been a lot of European eShop release date news today for whatever reason, so let’s share the rest of the games that have been dated. After previously launching in North America, Europe will have Vektor Wars on Wii U next Thursday for €7.99. Then on September 15, Shooty Space from RCMADIAX is due out for €2.99.


After developer Brave Rock Games previously stated that a European release date for Alice in Wonderland was “coming soon”, we now have a more exact date. The European eShop now has a listing of September 8th for the release of Alice in Wonderland.



Another Wii U eShop game has received a release date in Europe. 140 from Limbo lead designer Jeppe Carlsen is slated for September 8. It will carry a €7.99 price point.

We have the following overview:

“Created by Jeppe Carlsen (Lead puzzle designer, LIMBO) with Music by Jakob Schmid, 140 is a challenging minimalistic platformer with abstract colorful graphics. The game requires rhythmic awareness to overcome obstacles which are controlled by an energetic, yet melancholic electronic soundtrack!

Originally released for PC and Mac OS in 2013 after winning the Excellence in Audio award at the Independent Games Festival, 140 is now being adapted for consoles and handhelds by Abstraction Games in partnership with Double Fine Presents. It’s headed to PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and Xbox One this summer!”

And a trailer:


Just a few days ago we heard about Rorrim, a new Wii U game from Ezekiel Rage and Nitrolic Games. It’s now been dated for Europe. The game will be out on September 8 for €4.52.

Here’s an overview:

“Rorrim is a 2D game for the Nintendo Wii U eShop. After finding a magic mirror, a young princess is sucked into the glass of the mirror and finds herself inside a dark and eerie dungeon. To escape the world of the mirror, you have to help her navigate through the dungeon in the real world and in the mirrored world. Enjoy this puzzle maze game by using the Wii U GamePad.”


With Super Mario 64 DS coming to the North American Wii U Virtual Console today, GameXplain has taken a look at the download. Watch over 45 minutes of footage below.

A new PixelMaker update can now be downloaded for Wii U in Europe. For those in North America, it should be ready to go tomorrow.

Here’s what the update entails:

– Exporting of PNG images to SD card.
– Six new fonts for adding text.
– Scaling and outlining of inserted text.
– Option to hide the user interface.
– Left-to-right interface flip for left-handed users.
– Option to scale TV image to full display size.
– Selection and use of colors from image that are not in the palette.
– Text entry of color RGB values.
– Auto-sizing of color palette to fit available space.

Nostatic Software has plans to bring PixelMaker to 3DS soon, but there’s no release date just yet.


Additional footage has surfaced of the Wii U / 3DS indie title Noitu Love: Devolution. Watch gameplay from Stage 4 (with its boss) below.

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