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Nintendo shared a Dragon Quest VII video a couple of weeks ago focusing on the game’s world. Today, we have another video, this time showcasing battles. Watch it below.

At Hyper Japan Festival 2016 earlier this month, 30 fans won the opportunity to play the E3 demo for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo UK posted a video of their thoughts, which you can watch below.

During Level-5 Vision 2016, the first actual gameplay from The Snack World was shown on 3DS. A new CG trailer also debuted. Both can be found below.

The Snack World makes it possible to play as protagonist Chup or go on an adventure using your own characters. Level-5 is also incorporating the keychain items “Jara” in real life, which can connect with the game to obtain weapons. Various Jara “brands” will exist with their own characteristics.

The Snack World launches for 3DS in July 2017.


Level-5 Vision 2016 live stream

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Level-5 Vision 2016 is about to begin. In about 10 minutes, Level-5 will be making all sorts of announcements, though it’s unclear how much will pertain to Nintendo platforms. We should hear more about Snack World at the very least, which was previously confirmed for 3DS.

You can watch Level-5 Vision 2016 as it happens below. If there are any Nintendo-related announcements, we’ll have them right here. It’ll be a 90-minute stream, followed by a fan event.

Shift DX footage

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In Japan, Shift DX has finally launched via the 3DS eShop. It’s not out yet in the west (that’ll change soon hopefully), but you can get a look at the game below.

Ninja Smasher footage

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Ninja Smasher arrived on the 3DS eShop last week, and you can check out some footage below, courtesy of Nintendaan.

Nintendo released official videos for Animal Crossing: Wild World and Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console. Watch them below.

The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Pokemon GO. Check it out below.

Defend Your Crypt arrived on the Wii U and 3DS eShops last week. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance originally came to 3DS in 2012. Even though it’s been four years since then, fans have stumbled upon a potentially interesting discovery.

OmegaErkz streamed a variety of areas from Kingdom Hearts 3D on YouTube yesterday – see below. At the 2:53:20 minute mark, there’s an unused location made up of 11 rooms (maps, areas) that seems to be based on Treasure Planet.

Although some may assume that it could be a demo version of the Captain Hook ship from past Kingdom Hearts titles, this looks quite different. It also doesn’t quite match up entirely with the ship from the movie. If that wasn’t enough, code from this group of assets has the title “tp”. Maps from other Kingdom Hearts releases has area codes such as “tt” for Twilight Town or “pl” for Pride Lands. Also remember that Square Enix has left over unused content in the past.

Here’s the full stream recording from OmegaErkz:


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