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Fire Emblem Warriors devs on Female Robin / Cordelia, Pegasus Knights gameplay, including Fire Emblem elements, more

Posted on September 9, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

Nintendo Dream kept up with its monthly interviews with the Fire Emblem Warriors developers in its latest issue. Following the reveals of Female Robin and Cordelia, the Japanese magazine spoke with producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Hiroya Usuda.

Naturally the discussion had plenty of discussion about those two characters (including why Male Robin was chosen over Female Robin for the story). Hayashi and Usuda also discussed things like implementing the Pegasus Knights for gameplay and the difficulties there, incorporating strategic elements from the Fire Emblem franchise, and more.

Read our full translation with Hayashi and Usuda below. Previous Nintendo Dream interviews can be found here and here.

The details on Female Robin getting added

ND: We’ll start right away, and we’d like to hear about the newly confirmed appearing characters. You announced [characters] from Awakening again this time, but we’ll start with Female Robin (Reflet)!

Usuda: The Robin we told you about before was the male version, but someone said, “Since Robin is an avatar, you must be able to select between male and female after all!”

Hayashi: At the beginning when we created the story, we already decided to make Robin appear as a male though.

ND: Why would that be?

Hayashi: Because we also think there are many who would think of Robin as a male.

Usuda: In the general poll, Male Robin also had a higher position. And if I say it further, Corrin (Kamui), which is the avatar for Fates, has the female one with the stronger impression, so that can also be a point of contrast.

Hayashi: However, in the end, we as players do want to be able to use both male and female versions!

Usuda: The Robin that appears in the story has been fixed to be male, but if you progress through a certain replayability feature, there’s a system that lets you choose Female Robin too.

Hayashi: That’s one of the benefits from the replay value. In cut-scenes and other places, basically Robin will be male. But we asked all of the voice actors to consider both male and female versions when [their characters are] talking with Robin.

ND: Ability-wise, are there no differences between the male and female versions?

Hayashi: That’s right. They are not separate characters, so in the total number of appearing characters, male and female Robin are not counted separately.

Cordelia and Chrom; how will their relations be in this game be?

ND: And Cordelia (Tiamo) appearing here was such a surprise!

Usuda: We announced Cordelia because we wanted to quickly tell everyone about Pegasus Knights appearing here.

ND: How were the details on Cordelia getting added?

Hayashi: For the slot of Pegasus Knight from Awakening, there was also a suggestion to add Sumia instead.

Usuda: Because there will be Pegasus Knights from other titles too, so if we were to have two of them from Awakening… so with that reason, we had Cordelia appear instead, since she got more votes in popularity polls.

ND: What kind of character will Cordelia be like in this game?

Usuda: She was a character who was really easy to create! Despite being a genius that can do anything, you cannot omit comical words from her, such as her being told that her ‘javelin looks bland’. Because her presence is a beauty recognized by anyone, we properly created her model to be beautiful as well.

ND: What we’re wondering about is, ultimately, her relation with Chrom. Cordelia in Awakening wasn’t rewarded in many aspects…

Hayashi: That point of not getting rewarded may have been the secret to Cordelia’s popularity.

Usuda: We have another reason why we decided to add Cordelia, it’s because we want to write her conversation with Chrom.

ND: In that case, can fans look forward to conversations between Chrom and Cordelia, which are going to be exclusive in this game?

Hayashi: It won’t mean that a new relationship between them is going to develop, but I think you’d get to enjoy the situation itself, where those two get to talk with each other.

Correlations between the story and appearing characters

ND: Among the Awakening members that have been announced, Cordelia is not part of the Shepherds, so her position is also a bit different. How is she going to get involved in the story?

Usuda: Setting-wise, everybody will already have known each other when they enter the Fire Emblem Warriors world. In order to find Robin, who has gone missing in an unknown land, the other members are exploring the forest and met our protagonists there. Cordelia is out scouting by using her mobility, and found Robin getting caught inside a battle at the Temple… that’s the story development.

ND: Did you think of this game’s story after having decided on all appearing characters?

Hayashi: That’s right. It also includes points on where certain characters will join as partners.

Usuda: About the original characters who aren’t playable, while we were writing the story ‘we needed a character with this certain role’, when those occasions came, we added the new characters.

Fixation on Pegasus Knights ‘sense of flight’

ND: We’ve asked about Cordelia, so now we’d like to hear about Pegasus Knights in general in this game, in more detail. We think their trait of flying in the sky is a big element, but how are you going to make use of that in Fire Emblem Warriors?

Usuda: While expressing the fact that they are ‘characters who fly at all times’, we aim for them to still feel good to play as with Warriors-style action. We especially had hardships in expressing the sense of flight. If they fly too high, their attacks won’t hit in the first place… (laughs)

ND: In the original games, they can fly very high after all.

Usuda: Ultimately, we made it so that when they’re attacking with their regular combos they would fly at a lower altitude. And when they’re moving around they’ll fly higher. Also, if you can juggle the enemies high, you can attack them single-sidedly with aerial combos. In this case, it’ll be an exclusive place for Pegasus Knights!

Hayashi: We’d like to re-enact Pegasus Knights’ ‘strong habits as a unit’ here.

Usuda: Flying in the sky is their advantage, but if you just let them go forward while relying on their mobility, there may be some places where they’d struggle.

ND: I see. Does flying in the sky while moving around become their advantage then?

Usuda: There are shortcuts that can only be taken by Pegasus Knights, such as deep valleys. You can also do things like… having another character ride them with Pair Up, then cross the valley and drop them on the other end afterwards.

ND: Were the Pegasus Knights a big factor when you were creating stages?

Usuda: I think the people in charge had hardships there. For example, they could no longer delimit maps with rivers. Because Pegasus Knights could easily cross rivers by flying.

Hayashi: If you could fly through anything it wouldn’t become a proper game after all, so we’d delimit them with mountains and walls that cannot be crossed [even by Pegasus Knights.

Usuda: To make it easier to understand that walls ‘cannot be crossed by even Pegasus Knights’, we tried raising their height, but it ended up becoming rather too high…

Hayashi: The sense of closure is really great with that one (laughs).

Usuda: By the way, in the Orders screen, we needed the controls to ‘match the cursor on the units’, so when we were creating stages we would write the grid positions first, and then make the maps to fit those.

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  • Vigilante_blade

    How about Ike who won three recent popularity contests?

    • キロ

      Not from FE13 or 14. xD

    • chancetime

      Bro it’s been months since they announced the 3DS + SD focus, give it a rest.

      • Phenom1250

        Until we get an answer on why the first FE crossover won’t have the most popular character, why should a fan stop asking? This game is going to bomb because of how much they ignore the fandom over their own favoritism and Nintendo won’t bother to search into why and assume AGAIN that FE isn’t popular enough for a crossover due to IS bad decisions.

        • They already gave their excuse, so all we can do is hope to get other FEs via DLC, which will probably happen since Hyrule Warriors was the same. Is it fair? Probably no. But Hyrule Warriors season pass costs only $10, so it’s not like we will have to sell an arm to play with older characters.

          • Phenom1250

            Fair enough, I can see a couple of characters coming out as DLC.

        • Jimmy Wilson

          Yeah because Hyrule Warriors bombed as well…..oh wait.

          • Phenom1250

            Hyrule Warriors had a good selection from almost every major game in the franchise so all Zelda fans wanted a piece of it. FE Warriors only covers 1/5th of the franchise and most of the roster is Fates so im not seeing your point.

          • Dude Hyrule Warriors started out with a selection from just THREE Major Zelda games so I don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Phenom1250

            For starters, all 3 of them are from different eras of Zelda while FE Warriors only covers the latest 3(excluding Echoes). Plus they added DLC of other games like Wind Waker and etc. On top of that Fire Emblem has a bigger selection of cast members than Zelda.

        • you should stop asking because

          1) it’s annoying
          2) you’re not even annoying the right people

          it’s not like the fire emblem staff is lurking in this comment section

      • Vigilante_blade

        I won’t. Not until we get proper representation. You may ignore my posts if they bother you that much.

        • Bradley

          Who do you want them them to put in the game? Is it our boy? Our boy Roy?

          • Vigilante_blade

            Of course, Roy, Ike, Lyn, Hector, Soren, etc… Important characters.

    • Folt

      They would have needed to include more than just Ike because History Mode is a thing.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Oh, I think they should include a lot more of FE’s history. Fire Emblem’s history includes far more than just 3DS.

        • Evan Gustavson

          Good thing Shadow Dragon wasn’t made for 3DS then.
          Silly boy, if they were to respect the entire history of the franchise with just one game, it might as well be the first.
          There’s a reason the phrase “alpha and omega” represents everything.
          Because the beginning and the end are all that truly matter!
          Stop asking for Delta, you gaijin! The series started with Shadow Dragon, not Blazing Blade!
          Glorious Nippon has been stoking the dying fire that was this franchise before Awakening about TWICE as long as you did.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Okay, that doesn’t matter. Shadow Dragon aged poorly and they could have put only one of the 3DS games.

          • Evan Gustavson

            No, what doesn’t matter is whether or not Shadow Dragon aged poorly.
            Those outdated mechanics won’t be a factor in this game’s development.
            Another thing doesn’t matter is arbitrarily representing a random sequel because it just HAPPENED to be the first one in the west or the first home console game in the west.
            It’s more sensible to respect the entire history of the franchise by spanning the entire history.

            Yeah, they could, but they could also NOT put only one of the two best-selling, most popular, and most well known installments of the game.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Doesn’t matter, Evan. Even if they didn’t want to put their stories right away, you could have had a few reps from these games playable, in free mode.

            Why does it bother you that I’m asking for a few characters from some of these games so much?

          • Evan Gustavson

            I don’t really know. Roy was my fave from melee as well.
            I never unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, and he was the last character I got.
            It was the enigma around him that got me.
            I think it might have something to do with Fire Emblem’s structure.
            The mechanics are the only thing that carries over from one game to the next. The cast and setting change completely nearly every time.

            To me, the basic mechanics are the only thing that is obligatory to call it an FE game.
            That’s why I support their decision to use three games and stick to just those games, for the sake of those mechanics.

            If they’re going to stick with Fates and Awakening, then the characters that go without saying from those games alone feature far too many characters capable of Swords.
            Corrin, Xander, Ryoma, Marth, Lucina, Chrom, and Robin can probably still use Swords too.
            I think that’s already half of the characters we know about.
            To add Ike, Roy, Eliwood, or Lyn means either compromising the Weapon Triangle with more Swords because you know they won’t drop any of the existing swords for their sake.
            DLC sounds promising, and I believe they won’t announce anything til after it goes gold, because Nintendo’s policy is “don’t plan anything til after you finish the main game”

        • Folt

          Not with the way they’re making History Mode: It’s essentially the answer to Hyrule Warriors’s Adventure Mode, and that mode was exceedingly rich on content to keep players busy for days, and even weeks.

          • Vigilante_blade

            And they added unlockable characters you could not use in story mode in it.

          • Folt

            And those unlockable characters were themed after the games included, and unlocked in zones corresponding to content taken from that game: Ruto was unlocked in the OoT themed zone, Agitha and Zant were unlocked in the TP-themed zone, and Ghirahim was unlocked in the SS-themed zone.

          • Vigilante_blade

            But this is not Zelda and could and should be different.

          • Folt

            And it’s not. The elements included already makes the game more strategic than Hyrule Warriors, with mechanics inspired by or simulating Fire Emblem mechanics. Thus, it is in fact different.

            But that doesn’t mean it should be different if being different can be a detriment to the game’s overall quality, like if they had been more free to pick characters from more of the mainline Fire Emblems.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I would argue that we are left with a lesser product because of that focus on the three least-narratively interesting games in the series, which also causes damage to the fandom.

          • Folt

            Not really, considering narrative is but one aspect in games. gameplay, aesthetics, music, visuals, content… there are many things that should be considered when you’re making a game, not just how the game tells a story.

          • Vigilante_blade

            We are talking about two games with bland casts and one with a story, world and characters so stupid that I lost some intelligence playing it.

          • Folt

            Evidentally, it wasn’t a big loss for society.

            I also see two games with extremely fun gameplay elements, nice graphics, great music, and a good amount of content. The only outlier is Shadow Dragon, but characters and content from Shadow Dragon (or rather, the game it was a remake of) was inevitable as it was the game that started it all.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I would disagree. The gameplay of Awakening was not all that great with flat maps, little terrain, simplified mechanics, unbalanced skills and weapons and broken pairing system. Birthright suffered from similar problems. Conquest had a few outstanding maps like Chapter 10, but not much more.

            The art style has nothing on Hidari’s, which captures the essence of Fire Emblem far better than cluttered fanservice.

            As for music… Some of it was good. A lot was more generic though. It pales in comparison to the Tellius games and Valentia.

          • Folt

            Ecxept it was great fun to try to turn your units into the supersoldiers they had the potential to be, try to get the right classes and skills on your children, and test them out in battle and just generally experiment as you please.

            I find Kozaki’s art style to be a bit better than Hidari’s. Fanservice has nothing to do with how good one’s art is after all.

            And I thought the music was all fantastic, but found most of the older Fire Emblem music to be simply decent.

          • Vigilante_blade

            However, older games were better-balanced, had better characters, stories, more combat depth…. They were better in many ways. So no, I disagree that new ones are more fun.

            Hidari honestly helped restor emy faith in the serie’s character design. When I see Lissa’s hair, Peri, Camilla…. I’m glad Hidari took over for Valentia. Some of the designs in Fates were abhorent. And it hurts for me to sat because I loved his work in Valkyria Chronicles. I just think his style is ill-suited for this series.

            Have you ever heard the entire Path of Radiance soundtrack? It is one of the single greatest OSTs of all time.

    • ben

      DLC… Look what they did with Zelda.. they basically used every game to get as much content out of that game as they could.

      • Vigilante_blade

        If they do it, I’ll bite the bullet and buy the content that should have been in this at launch. However, I’d like some confirmation of what is coming (at least a vague idea)

        • Shonenfan

          *slay the bulllet

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          “I’ll bite the bullet and buy the content that should have been in this at launch.”

          Do you not understand that they can’t just delay games willy-nilly?

      • Alphafraud

        Hyrule warriors started with only OoT, SS and TP so you’re wrong

        • ben

          I think you miss understand me. I meant that when the game launched it was just those 3 games but the DLC was all the other games.

    • SpectralDynamite

      I wonder how it feels to be screaming into a void.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I wonder how it feels to get in people’s way for no reason.

        • SpectralDynamite

          How can I be in your way when you’re clearly going nowhere?

          • Vigilante_blade

            The only way to do something in this world is to act. Staying aside, doing nothing never accomplishes anything. I am doing far more than anyone ever would staying silent.

            Again, question. Why are you trying to get in my way? What is your agenda?

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            To the second part of your post, not the first.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    I’m surprised they think we’re surprised that Cordelia is in the game?

  • QuestionKing3445

    Oh boy so robin M/F and Corrin F/M are only one character each so the roster so far has 18 characters. And we know that they’re are at least 25 characters so seven more to go!!! Who could they be, well on has to be tiki since they made an amiibo for her to be used in the game, but who are the other six???

    • Hidden Flare

      I don’t know they never said 25. We could go beyond that.

      • QuestionKing3445

        I’m just making the prediction from the 25 character cards in the collectors edition. Then again those could be double sided with a different character on each side, but that would make the roster 50. And the clones i would count them which means there would be 29 more characters reveal excluding tiki. But that seems way to good to be true, so I’ll stick with the 25 characters for now. T_T

        • Hidden Flare

          Oh never knew about these cards. I will say it’s possible each Robin and Corrin will be on one card or their counterparts just won’t be there. I do hope we get enough sd characters cause we may need more OCs and villains,

          • QuestionKing3445

            I don’t think will be getting any more OC’s that are playable since there is such a huge amount of fire emblem characters, and villains probably won’t be playable until an update or the first dlc comes out, just like Hyrule Warriors did.

            Anyway heres a pic of the collectors edition showing the cards, I’ve been mentioning



          • Hidden Flare

            I expect at least one OC villain and one from each game at least. I think they will probably put them in the base game this time, personally hoping for characters as free DLC for the first time just so it will get others interested. And that looks cool.

          • QuestionKing3445

            (I should have worded that better) The playable villains in hyrule warriors were free, they came out at the the time the first DLC pack came out. The first DLC pack was master quest pack which didn’t come with any new characters, hence why these villains were made playable. The patch was 1.30. The thing that wasn’t free was Cia’s tale, Epona as a weapon for link, a new adventure map, and two costumes. If their are villains in the base game they will probably be free to play as following a patch, or be playable in the base game itself.

          • Hidden Flare

            I know and I understand. I think they will likely be playable in the base game. I think this will be different as we don’t need someone like ganon taking the plot. Also it should be noted I don’t think characters are going to be using different weapons do it will likely make it easier creating more characters then. I think it will be a good idea to, say, have Ike, Lyn, and/or Roy be free updates and have more of their characters be paid DLC.

          • QuestionKing3445

            They are each sticking to one weapon, that has already been stated. As it comes to DLC I seriously doubt characters not in the original roster will be available for free. Since each new character created takes time and money to make, and are normally created after the game launches. But I seriously doubt they will cost a lot of extra money to purchase being about $8 per pack.

    • Thegladoss

      We only think there are 25 characters because there are 25 character cards in the collector’s edition. It could very well be that Corrin and Robin have character cards for both their male and female appearance. In which case there are only 4 spots left.

      • Folt

        They stated in the interview that F!Robin isn’t considered a separate character as far as the character roster goes due to being an alt. costume though. So we’re pretty much supposed to not count F!Robin and M!Corrin as actual characters when it comes this. (And that means neither F!Robin nor M!Corrin will have their own character cards.)

      • JeremyAGarduno

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    • neon

      I think 25 is reasonable but I just wanted Tharja….She is one of the most popular characters in the series and we still have no Dark Mage. I really don’t understand the logic behind excluding her…

      • QuestionKing3445

        Isn’t Leon a dark mage, just on horse back? Besides i’m not certain if those cards mean only 25 characters in the game at launch. I’m also not certain if the original characters will be featured on them or not. Those cards to me mean that they’re will be 25 characters in this game, so we still haven’t seen the entire roster. And maybe Tharja is in the game, they just haven’t revealed her yet.

        • neon

          The website says Leo specializes in Lightning magic, so he is a lightning mage like all the other mages revealed so far. I think the only reason Tharja is not in this game is because she’s a side character. According to this they mostly added Cordelia cause they needed a Peg Knight…Cordelia’s own popularity was 2nd fiddle. They pretty much just chose main characters and popularity for the side characters didn’t matter. So I find this roster very disappointing because I like the side characters…

          • QuestionKing3445

            Well the reason they chose the main characters in each game is because how else could they do history mode without them. But in all seriousness their are over 25 characters in each game, which is the reason why choosing any character is going to be tricky, so they are going for safe options. Still Tharja could be in the game, but at this point I think all they have left to reveal are Shadow Dragon characters, or its just Marth.

  • PikaChan

    I’m a little sad Lonqu or Nowi couldn’t make it… sounds like they’re finished with the Awakening roster.

    • Hidden Flare

      I don’t know personalky think they could have more but I could gen wrong.

      • Supporter

        I think it would make sense if they stop at the amount of Awakening characters they have, but if they could add only one more (perhaps as DLC), I’d chose Donnel all the way!

  • chancetime

    By Fates characters, I hope they mean Azura and Azura ALONE. We have so many already and some of them were unnecessary (Hinoka, Sakura)

    • Evan Gustavson

      Hinoka is necessary bc they need more Lancers to round out the roster.
      Though, that just means there’s no excuse to not pick Azura instead,

  • Hidden Flare

    Hmm bother very interesting article.

    I’ll say that the robin thing will likely apply to Corrin.

    Geez lots of talk of strategy in this gane. Will be fun though I do hope I can just have a level where I can justness cause genocide.

    Hmm staff as a healing item? Makes sense but I do feel it would be a missed oppatuniy to not have a healer at least but handle it better.

    Final thing I want to point out is them once again pointing out the popularity list. I keep getting a vibe of what list that may be.

  • ronin4life

    I want confirmation of Pegasus knight enemies

    • Zelia

      If you seen PAX gameplay with Camilla, Hinoka, Xander and Takumi. You could see their are Pegasus Knight enemies, along with Knights, Axe Wielders, Mages, Archers, etc

  • Gamingfan

    Just a shovelware dynasty warriors clone. Stop treating it like a big title nintendo and do better.

    • Tlink7

      gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8

      • Gamingfan

        Na, I treat activision and ea as shovelware too. Im not being biased in the slightest.

    • Carlos

      Well Hyrule Warriors did well so they must be expecting similar results with Fire Emblem. Also, it’s not shovelware. Just because it’s not for you doesn’t make it such.

  • Shonenfan

    1 main character per series should’ve been added. Roy meeting with eliwood… One can dream

  • neon

    THARJA! How can they ignore such a popular character?!?

    • Fandangle

      Just like how they ignore other popular characters like Ike and Lyn, they’re retards who hate money and want to insert their own personal waifus in.

  • Tjnswitch

    Ike has become a huge muscle-guy gay Icon since the series went “mainstream” on 3DS. Maybe thats why he’s been kept on the DL

  • “Usuda: Because there will be Pegasus Knights from other titles too”

    Caeda confirmed?

  • Fandangle

    Because her presence is a beauty recognized by anyone, we properly created her model to be beautiful as well

    Cordelia confirmed for Dev’s Waifu. I’m honestly at the point I want this entire game to be canned, I’ve given up on it completely. There is almost nothing redeemable about it.

    • SpectralDynamite

      That’s clearly not going to happen. The game’s pretty much done at this point, since it drops in Japan at the end of the month.

      • Fandangle

        I’ve heard of less plausible things happen. It’d be doing the world a favor at this point.

  • QuestionKing3445

    You know what is strange about this thing, it says on Nintendo’s official website that all previously released fire emblem amiibo’s will have a functionality in the game. But then again that could mean anything, but its probably means they will all be added to the game at a later date, or are unlocked by taping them to joy con. Similar to how hyrule warriors added the spinner for link by tapping his smash bros amiibo to the Wii U Gamepad. but functionality still hasn’t been provided so it all speculation. but here’s the link to where it’s stated.

    • “amiibo functionality” in its vaguest form is usually something terrible

      like if you use a yoshi amiibo in breath of the wild, some mushrooms fall from the sky

      • QuestionKing3445

        I understand that, but I was deciphering it as speculation in to the way Koei Tecmo has used amiibo functionality. Specifically in Hyrule Warriors. Where every Zelda amiibo gave a designated weapon to the character that resembled the amiibo Ex: Amiibo of princess Zelda = wind waker wand, or light rapier weapon. Link amiibo first use gave the spinner, after that it yielded weapons designated to what he uses. Amiibo’s that weren’t Zelda related gave random drops, such as low tier weapons, rupees, or random materials. And sooner or later all Zelda amiibo were added to the game like toon link. So I do think that them specifically stating that all previously released Fire Emblem Amiibo’s means that they will have a distinct purpose in the game. And hint that they will either be in the game or released as DLC.

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