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Images: Wii U and 3DS sales compared to previous Nintendo platforms

Posted on May 8, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, GameCube, GBA, Images, Wii, Wii U

Game Informer has put together a few graphs comparing Wii U and 3DS sales to Nintendo’s previous platforms. You can find them in the gallery above, and more information at the source link below.



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  • Maaaan, from the Wii U perspective, the Wii is unreachable at this point, maybe for the entire gen ….Wii sure was something .

    • D2K

      GameCube might even be unreachable unless something crazy happens at E3. I’ll give them that chance. I’m predicting 25-30 million tops. I also think that since the Wii U is not selling at a loss anymore they don’t have to hang on to it as long and we’ll see the next-gen console in 2017 rather than 2018. We’ll probably see it for the first time at E3 2016.

      • Call me crazy but since the Wii U is not selling at a loss and they indeed see an increase in sales thanks to MK8 and SSB….they should apply another price cut to approx. $270, that would certainly make it very sweet for everybody to buy it. Just maybe.

        • D2K

          Nah. MK8 and Smash are good enough to sell on their own. All Nintendo needed to do was make a MK8 bundle pack. They did that so they should be all set to go there. I think it would be smart to take their major 1st party AAA titles and pack them in. There should be a SM3DW bundle, DKC:TF bundle, Wii Fit U bundle (with a coupon for a certain percentage off of balance boards,) and Smash Bros bundle.

          Or maybe have a program where if you buy a Wii U you get a free digital download of your choice no matter what it is.

          • I dont know, I think it would be preferrable to earn $1 per console and the software as a whole, than the opposite. At the end of the day what matters is that many people have the console, so if you sell 5m units with $1 of earnings each, you get $5m earnings and thanks to that, maybe out of those 5m new units 1 or 1.5m owners will buy another game at full price, giving Nintendo $10 (I dont know how much they earn per game but I think $10 its a fair trade), and you get $15m in new earnings; $20m in total, I dont think thats a bad idea.

            And if they could achieve to sell Wii U for $250, I am pretty sure those 5m will come easily with the MK8 bundle. Dunno, thats my suggestion if they can make it possible otherwise the new approach of buying a major retail game in exchange for other free its a nice incentive.

          • D2K

            People are going to buy MK8 bundles anyway so if your company is losing money it doesn’t make much sense to “drop” the price of the console. Especially with a brand-new AAA 1st party game packed-in. If you drop the price now and MK8 bundles for some strange reason do not sell, now you have no leverage.

            I’m sure their will be other bundles that could be at a different price, but the MK8 and Smash bundles need to stay at current price. You have to also remember that we don’t know what other games will be available in the coming months.

          • I think an awesome WiiU Bundle is if it came with 3-5 free Virtual Console downloads. I mean, they already made profit off the games in the past, and I don’t imagine the porting of these games costing them much more money… It’d be pretty awesome to advertise, “You can download your first 5 VC games such as: Super Mario World, SMB3, MegamanX, etc for free!”

            I would’ve been so hyped when getting the console anyway 😛

        • ronin4life

          There needs to be balance for them. If they price cut and lose money again per sale(We don’t know how much they are making) and Hardware sales don’t increase by enough, they could potentially lose a lot of money without gaining anything from it.

          WiiU Price doesn’t seem to be an issue right now honestly, so how much would a cheaper price affect sales past these key releases without a price cut?

          • The thing is that, since the Gamecube Nintendo consoles, not handhelds, but consoles, are being seeing as a compliment, a second console you buy for their first party exclusives, but a $300 compliment, well thats pretty expensive so thats my suggestion, trying to reduce the price one step at a time, if they can lower it to $280, thats good, and then after 6 months if they can lower it to $260 thats good and so on (no necessarily in that time frame though) Its certainly not an issue currently anymore, but the whole industry is being shaked down so if they can make their consoles cheaper, well, that surely will help dont you think? (considering they dont make a loss)

            I dont get your question, it confuses me @[email protected] sorry

          • ronin4life

            What I meant was, with Software they believe will sell systems would lowering the price sell noticeably more consoles than leaving the price the same. I am not so sure it would.

            It isn’t all that confusing, I just wrote it out in a jumbled, confusing way… I’m kind of sleepy right now, so my apologies…@[email protected];;;

            Another point is that constantly lowering your Price can send a message to consumers not to buy your system, but to keep waiting for the price to drop more and more. They have already lowered the price recently, so lowering it again wouldn’t look very good.

          • On that , you have a point.

        • Operative

          I don’t think so. People swore if they dropped the price of the deluxe from $350 to $300, it’d fly off the shelves. Well that happened and still nothing happened. Now people are saying it should be $200. Honestly without a consistent stream of software, I don’t think a price drop will ever help

          • D2K

            Word. It’s about the content. The PS4 is destroying the Wii U and it is 100 dollars more with very few games. The XB1 is a full 200 dollars more than the Wii U, yet is it is selling better with far fewer games.

          • X1 is not selling better than the Wii U, the last knowledge we had about their sales was about 3m, afterwards Microsoft mentioned they shipped 5m X1’s,”shipped” is not the same as “sold”; so its not, the heavy price, being less powerful than PS4 and their weird policies strucked heavily at X1.

          • D2K

            The XB1 is on average selling 30-40,000 units more per week than the Wii U worldwide. The Wii U has been on the market since 2012. The XB1 has only been on the market for 6 months but is on pace to tie the Wii U in overall sales within the next 12 months if numbers roughly stay the same. IN fact, there hasn’t been one week where the Wii U outsold the XB1 since launch.

          • Where did you get that info of the X1 sales? I havent found any.

          • D2K



            Of course these are approximate numbers that do not get finalized until corporations release the official financial reports. For instance Nintendo just announced that the Wii U has sold 6.1 million to date and that’s what the have on the site. The only time numbers are questionable is when they just come out.

            As you can see there going all the way back to launch the XB1 has outsold sold the Wii U. In comparison at this point in it’s life cycle the Wii U had sold somewhere around 3.1 million whereas the XB1 has sold 4.5 million.

          • Yeah but I do remember that was before PS4 or X1 had their prices announced, because at that time seeing a PS3 (any bundle) for $250 and then seeing the Wii U deluxe next with a $300 tag , well, it was a no brainer (at least not that much) to how you will jump to the next gen. But they took too long and now the Wii U is at $300 but the PS4 is at $400 , so people see both and think “whats $100 more?” and they skip Wii U, but if the Wii U were at $250 , well, those $50 now weight more, and that could pull more people to buy Wii U.

      • TalesOfBS

        Wii U is long run. No new hardware until 2018~2019.
        HD development takes time.

        • D2K

          HD development time taking longer has no bearing on the timing of Nintendo releasing their consoles. They release on a 5-6 year schedule no matter what. The only reason why the Wii ran longer is because it sold so well. Otherwise the Wii U would have launched in 2013 instead of 2012 if development time was an issue. There is a big difference between not having done it before and now having that experience under your belt.

          Based on what Iwata has said while the new console is not coming anytime soon, it will be fore sooner rather than later. Traditionally Nintendo NEVER talks about hardware development this early in the games which means they are moving fast and learning from the mistakes of the Wii U development. Not only that, investors aren’t going to hang on that long for a fledgling console.

          2017 Nintendo Fusion. Book it.

  • Nocturne

    gamecube had 2 extra months watch the wii u after mario kart

  • Nocturne

    i think we have proven the video game industry at a whole is failing a bit when the 3ds being the best this gen and still falling below the gba

    • Thomas_NE

      Honestly, people don’t like to hear this but it can easily be attributed to the success of mobile gaming. Plenty of parents going “why do you need another device, you’ve already got a phone/tablet”. I’m (pleasantly) surprised at how well the 3DS is still doing.

      • Jumwa

        Not just mobile gaming either, but PC gaming has made a meteoric rise. Now you can play some of the best games out there on the shoddiest of PCs. With even a mediocre PC you can play many of the most acclaimed games, and more than that, you can buy them for a couple of bucks on a Steam sale.

        The console market has shrank, and all the console makers are feeling it, the gaming media just focusses on Nintendo. It’s not like the PS4 and Xboner are setting a lot of sales records. If I recall correctly the PS4 is the big king so far, and it’s sales numbers about lineup with the Gamecube.

        The signs of the shrinking console business are all around us, there have been continually fewer and fewer exclusives to be had. Third parties rarely confine themselves anymore, because they need sales that a single console can’t provide, and the console makers aren’t able/willing to make up the difference. So many of the big publishers have died off or gone mobile/PC gaming.

        It’s a much more competitive market, and the gaming media loves to kick Nintendo when it’s down, and ignore them when they’re not or can’t be portrayed as down. It’s amazing they sell anything at all to me.

        • Thomas_NE

          I agree by and large, but the console market in absolute numbers has not shrunk over the past few generations. I was interested in this, so I looked it up, SNES-era had 80 million consoles sold, N64 era had 135 million, Gamecube era had 200 million and the Wii era had 260 million. I guess time will tell if it’ll shrink this time around, but PS4 and Xbone seem to be doing fine.

          Anyway, it is possible that the market percentage of consoles in all gaming has shrunk.

          I’d argue that the lack of exclusives is simply caused by ever-growing development costs. And we’ve got spoiled gamers, I’m pretty sure the SNES and N64 didn’t have 30 great games a year, but people seem to act like that’s how it used to be.

          • Jumwa

            You’re right that the console market has not shrunk over that long frame, I’m just talking about since last generation. The mobile/desktop gaming craze only came to be after the Wii took the world by storm, after all.

            And though the Wii blew the sales charts to pieces, software sales soon thereafter plummeted because the casual crowd it drew in vanished to those newer casual platforms. Which is why the Wii never quite attained the software sales numbers its console sames seemed to deserve.

            All that has made it very hard to qualitatively prove that the console market has shrunk, but all the big players either predicted it or feared it going into this generation. Which is why now you have statements from the heads of Sony and MS trying to bravely say that those predictions were wrong so as to not shake confidence.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    Everyone says that because the system isn’t sold at a loss they should cut price and they should if they can but you’ve got to remember that it may be a small profit. Wii U was sold at a loss at $349 at launch guys, coming down $60 or so in manufacturing costs in 1.5 years is pretty good but these things take time. I’d wager they probably only make $10 or so off each unit and another price cut would put them in the red again. Maybe if they bring back the 8GB and ship a smaller Game Pad or cut some things out they could get the price lower.

    • D2K

      Agreed. I don’t think the Wii U needs any more price cuts. It’s cheap enough. It needs GAMES.

  • Tlink7

    Well, atleast the 3DS is doing pretty good, I guess.